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Flik Flak Introducing the latest from Flik Flak: the Canada Destination watch and the Organized Chaos collection! The Canada Destination watch celebrates the Great White North with vibrant designs featuring iconic Canadian elements. Inspire young explorers to learn time-telling while cherishing

Clorox Two-Tier Steam Sanitizer This Innovative Two-Tier Steam Sanitizer is a game-changer when it comes to killing bacteria fast and effectively. With its powerful steaming action, it can eliminate 99.999% of bacteria in just minutes. $59.99 Available at Blume Cloud 9

Eat2Explore Subscription Boxes Experience a world of flavours with eat2explore. Their subscription box service brings the cuisines of 23 countries and regions straight to your kitchen table. Bond with your loved ones over cooking, learning, and savouring different cultures. $29.95+ Available at