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What’s Under the Covers in June 2024

What’s Under the Covers in June 2024

One Big Open Sky
By Lesa Cline-Ransome
In 1879, in Mississippi, Lettie embarks on a journey to Nebraska with her family. They hope to find independence and a future on their own land. However, as they travel, they face scarcity and financial struggles, making their path uncertain and dangerous.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 304 Price: CAD $25.99

Two Friends, One Dog,and a Very Unusual Week
By Sarah L. Thomson
Emily’s life is upended by Rani and her flashy sneakers. With her mother away, Rani’s rebellious ways captivate Emily. Can Emily fit into Rani’s carefree world, and should she let Rani into hers?
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Peachtree Pages: 240 Price: CAD $12.49

The Great Peach Experiment: Duck, Duck, Peach
By Erin Soderberg Downing
In Duck, Duck, Peach, the Peaches want peace after school, but a Festival of Ships and a missing World’s Largest Rubber Duck ruin their plans. The Peaches set out on a thrilling hunt to find the beloved icon and bring it back to the harbour. Join them in this exciting adventure filled with laughter, family misadventures, and mystery.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Pixel+Ink Pages: 304 Price: CAD $25.99

The Selkie’s Daughter
By Linda Crotta Brennan
Brigit, with her vast knowledge of ancient melodies and sea legends, hides a secret: she is the daughter of a selkie. This truth must remain hidden. However, a sinister force in the village threatens to bring chaos and death. To protect her loved ones, Brigit must journey to the sacred realm of the selkies and confront the powerful Great Selkie.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 208 Price: CAD $24.41

The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry
By Anna Rose Johnson
Selena Lucy Landry, named after a ship, fears water due to her father’s tragic loss at sea. Fate leads her to the Martins, an Anishinaabe family on a lighthouse near a legendary shipwreck. Lucy hopes to find her father’s ruby necklace to feel closer to him, but someone else is searching for it. Doubts about the Martins’ ability to care for Lucy arise, and they must hurry to find the necklace or risk losing their home and family.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 187 Price: CAD $25.99

Table Titans Club
By Scott Kurtz
Valeria Winters, a troubled loner, finds solace and friendship with the Table Titans, a group of tabletop gamers at her new school. When the club’s existence is jeopardized, Val takes it upon herself to save it, facing obstacles like a fiery wrestling coach and a vengeful popular girl named Kate. Val is determined to overcome any challenge that comes her way.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 224 Price: CAD $18.99