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What’s under the covers this month – January 2024

What’s under the covers this month – January 2024

Stronger Than She Thinks

By Nancy Kerrigan, Illustrated by Arief Putra
In her first book for children, two-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan shares scenes from her childhood as she learns how to work hard, to believe in herself, and to land her first axel jump. Persistence, hard work, and the importance of believing in yourself are highlighted in this story from the earliest moments of Nancy Kerrigan’s figure skating career. Ages: 4-8. Published by: Bushel & Peck Books. Pages: 32.Price: 24.95


By Stephanie Parsley Ledyard
Superbaby’s incredible abilities are showcased with the help of parental guidance, as she zooms through the skies, builds toy-block cities (and knocks them down), and leaps over “mountains”. When she needs to rest, Superbaby retreats to her energy pod to recharge for another exciting day. Stephanie Parsley Ledyard’s uplifting and onomatopoetic writing, paired with Lincoln Agnew’s lively illustrations, make Superbaby a delightful read-aloud for all exceptional babies. Ages: 2-5, Publisher: Neal Porter Books Pages: 40 Price: CAD $24.99


By Janet Fox and Illustrated by Jasu Hu
A young girl and her mother make a great team when it comes to cultivating a spring herb garden. They nurture a variety of plants, from oregano to parsley and baby greens, even as the snow freezes outside. The bountiful harvest of fresh greens keeps them cosy during the cold and gloomy season. The book provides useful tips and information on starting your own wintergarden, allowing you to enjoy fresh herbs and greens throughout the year. Ages: 4-8, Publisher: Neal Porter Books, Pages 40, Price: 24.99 (Hardcover)

Little Red Riding Hood (40th Anniversary Edition)

By Trina Schart Hyman
Trina Schart Hyman’s Little Red Riding Hood retelling has become a beloved edition of the story, captivating generations with its vividly animated artwork. Jason Chin pays tribute to his mentor and her artistic heritage in a touching way, featuring newly crafted endpapers, a foil-stamped cover, and a debossed case that make it a precious keepsake. The images are filled with intricate elements that captivate the viewer, while the personalities are depicted with a delightful and inviting demeanor. Ages: 4-8, Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 32 Price: CAD $10.99

Farley Farts

By Bruno Hachler & Illustrator Birte Muller
The beloved frog who loves to toot his tushy is making a comeback! Farley is facing a dilemma as he can’t seem to stop farting. Although his sister finds it amusing, his parents and teacher are not impressed. The doctor assures them that it’s just gas and it will eventually go away. However, the problem persists! Through humorous illustrations and witty writing, Farley and his family discover that it’s better to let it out and face the embarrassment than to hold it in and suffer the consequences. Ages: 4-8.Published by: NorthSouth Publishing. Pages: 32.Price: $26.95 Hardcover

The Twist-A-Roo

By Kathleen Doherty & Illustrated by Kristyna Litten
Winter is almost here, and the forest creatures are busy gathering food for hibernation. However, Badger is not interested in storing food. Instead, Badger is determined to find something entertaining to do during the cold months. After exploring the nearby town, Badger stumbles upon a Twist-a-Roo. This magical toy creates mesmerizing shapes that sparkle, splash, and glide! It’s the perfect way to add some colour and joy to Badger’s den. But as the snow accumulates outside, Badger realizes that her food supplies are running low. Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Peachtree Pages: 32 Price: CAD $23.99