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What’s Under the Covers — April 2024

What’s Under the Covers — April 2024

Galaxies, Galaxies!

By Gail Gibbons
Astronomers used to believe that the Milky Way was the entire universe, but now we understand that there are billions of galaxies out there. Gail Gibbons guides the reader on a journey that spans light years.
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 32 Price: CAD $24.99

Light and Air

By Mindy Nichols Wendell
In the tranquil woods of upstate New York, the J.N. Adam Tuberculosis Hospital is a peaceful refuge for Halle, providing her with a sanctuary away from her troubled father. However, Halle’s world is turned upside down when her mother’s health deteriorates, leaving their future uncertain.
Ages: 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 208 Price: CAD $25.56

The Summer Experiment

By Cathie Pelletier
11-year-old science enthusiast Robbie McKinnon and her best friend, Marilee Evans, aim to outsmart genius Henry Horton Harris Helmsby at their town’s science fair. Robbie plans to contact aliens for the school paper, but obstacles arise in the form of her annoying older brother Johnny and his friend Billy.
Ages: 9-11 Publisher: Down East Books Pages: 288 Price: CAD $25.57

The Good Guys Agency – Think Like Katherine Johnson 5th book in Series.

By Nick Esposito
The Good Guys Agency series offers boys positive role models through time travel adventures with historic heroes, comic book panels, and humour. This entertaining and educational series aims to inspire a new generation of honourable men and is perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Dog Man.
Ages: 6-10 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 96 Price: CAD $19.95

The Five Impossible Tasks of Eden Smith

By Tom Llwellyn
Eden Smith’s world is turned upside down when she moves into her grandfather’s peculiar mansion, uncovering a supernatural secret society of elderly metalworkers. Her grandfather, Vulcan Smith, is imprisoned for defying their rules. With the help of her friend Nathaniel, and a quirky group of metalworkers, Eden embarks on a mission to save her grandfather from being lost forever.
Ages: 10-14 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 320 Price: CAD $24.49

Bizard and the Big Bunny Bizness

By Chrissie Krebs
When Bizard the Bear Wizard and his companions try to grant wishes together, they realize that having two wands causes problems. As winter approaches and Bizard prepares to hibernate, urgent wishes are left unfulfilled. Squirrel suggests having his own wand, but this leads to disastrous consequences.
Ages: 8-10 Publisher: Margaret Ferguson Books Pages: 176 Price: CAD $20.49