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January 2024 Flicks

January 2024 Flicks

Matilda (1996) by Tristar Pictures

Matilda Wormwood is a remarkable and clever young girl. Regrettably, her parents, Harry, and Zinnia, fail to comprehend her uniqueness. Eventually, she embarks on her school journey and finds solace in a compassionate teacher, true friends, and an oppressive headmistress. Growing weary of the relentless mistreatment, she discovers her hidden talent for telekinesis.

The Love Bug (1969) By Walt Disney Pictures

Jim Douglas, a race car driver, and his wise mechanic, Tennessee Steinmetz, stumble upon a unique white Volkswagen Beetle that appears to have a personality and soul. They affectionately name the car Herbie, and their adventures with Herbie quickly make them famous in the racing community of California. This newfound fame doesn’t sit well with Peter Thorndyke, a sports car dealer, who attempts to sabotage their friendship and connection with Herbie.

Big (1988) by 20th Century Studios

Josh Baskin is desperate to grow up and spend time with his crush, Cynthia, at the carnival. Stumbling upon a Zoltar machine, he decides to make a wish to become an adult. Just as Zoltar grants his wish, Josh realizes that the machine is not even plugged in. The next morning, he wakes up in the body of an adult, but his personality remains the same. With the guidance of his loyal friend, Billy, Josh learns how to navigate the world as an adult. As he finds love and enjoys his exciting job, he starts to question whether he wants to go back to being a kid. Will Josh choose to stay an adult or return to being a 13-year-old boy?

The Little Rascals (1994) by Universal Pictures

Spanky and Buckwheat, mischievous kids, are leaders of the No Girls Allowed Club. They choose their friend Alfalfa to participate in a soapbox car race on their behalf. However, things take a turn when they catch Alfalfa getting cosy with Darla, a fellow student. Determined to separate the couple, Spanky and his friends interfere in Alfalfa’s love life. Unfortunately, while they are busy meddling, their beloved race car is stolen by two troublemaking youngsters.