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What’s under the covers for January 2024

What’s under the covers for January 2024

Scout Moore, Junior Ranger: Great Smoky Mountains

By Theresa Howell & Illustrator Jeffrey Ebbeler
Scout Moore, an adventurous ranger in her own backyard, undertakes a new outdoor challenge at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Scout and her family go on a quest for the “sacred harp” in one of America’s greatest parks.
Ages: 7-12. Publisher: Muddy Boots. Pages: 32. Price: $20.95 HC


The Brand-New, Never-Used, Perfect Crayons

By Leanne Hatch
It’s hard to beat a new box of crayons. In Violet’s case, she can’t bear to part with them-or even use them. When Violet earns her very own super big box of 84 crayons with matching lengths, perfect points, each in their smooth, uniform wrappers, she is ecstatic. It’s impossible to stop imagining what she could draw.
Ages: 4-8. Publisher: Margaret Ferguson Book/Holiday House. Pages: 40. Price: $24.99


Paradise For Cats – A Return to the Rainbow Bridge

By Adrian Raeside
In The Rainbow Bridge, best-selling author Adrian Raeside offers a story that comforts children who have lost a pet. When Amy’s beloved Rocky passes away, a helpful but flatulent friend of Rocky takes her to the Rainbow Bridge, a magical paradise for animals.
Ages: 3-6. Published by: Harbour Publishing. Pages: 40. Price: $19.95


Sylvie And The Wolf

By Andrea Debbink & Illustrator Mercè López
Sylvie lives high in the mountains, where shadow meets light, wild streams follow twisting paths, and animals run free in the forest. Sylvie is not afraid of anything—until she meets the Wolf. In hiding her fear, it begins to control her life and shrink her world. The story teaches children how to care for themselves emotionally, how to show empathy to others, and how secrets affect them.
Ages: 4-8. Published by: Sounds True. Pages: 32. Price: $24.99


Big Truck Super Wash

By Stephen R. Swinburne, Illustrated by James Rey Sanchez
A perfect bathtime or anytime choice with subtle messages about hard work and cleanliness! Occasionally, everyone needs a wash. A giant excavator! Dirt, slime, manure, mud, and bugs coat garbage trucks, tractors, and 18-wheelers after a hard day. Off to the Big Truck Super Wash! Five powerful trucks tell us how they got so dirty.
Ages: 3-6 . Published by: Holiday House. Pages: 40. Price: $24.99

Billy and the Giant Adventure

By Jamie Oliver
Adventure, friendship, mystery, and magic. Despite the rumour that strange things have happened in Waterfall Woods, no one from his village has ventured past its walls for decades. . . but Billy and his best friends, Anna, Jimmy, and Andy, cannot resist exploring the mysterious woods! Prepare yourself for magical battles, a long-lost mythical city, fantastical flying machines, epic feasts, and a giant rescue-plus a few mouth-watering recipes included!
Ages: 8-12. Published by: Tundra Books. Pages: 336. Price: $24.99