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Get the Popcorn Out – April 2024

Get the Popcorn Out – April 2024

Father Of the Bride (1991) By Walt Disney Studios
George Banks and his wife, Nina, find themselves in a whirlwind of emotions when their daughter, Annie, returns from her studies abroad with some exciting news – she’s engaged! Suddenly, their once peaceful world is flipped upside down, leaving overprotective George feeling completely out of his element. As they navigate the challenges of meeting the in-laws and planning a wedding with an extravagant consultant and his flamboyant assistant, it feels like the chaos will never cease.

Good Boy (2003) By 20th Century Studios
Long ago, canines descended upon our planet from a distant celestial body, harbouring intentions of conquering the world. Presently, the esteemed Greater Dane seeks a comprehensive report on the progress of this takeover, thus dispatching Hubble on a mission of investigation. However, as Hubble finds solace in the company of the solitary Owen who adopts him, a profound realization dawns upon him: dogs have forsaken their original purpose. No longer are they mankind’s adversaries, but rather, they have become his most loyal companions. To compound matters, the Greater Dane herself is en route to Earth for an imminent inspection…

Holes (2003) By Walt Disney Studios
In a cruel twist of fate, a young boy finds himself unjustly banished to a merciless camp, ruled by a stern warden and her relentless staff. Day after day, the children under their watchful eyes are compelled to tirelessly excavate enigmatic holes amidst the scorching desert. As the sun beats down on their weary bodies, doubts begin to creep in about the true purpose of their grueling rehabilitation. Could there be a sinister secret lurking beneath the surface?

The Sound of Music (1965) By 20th Century Studios
This enchanting and uplifting tale is inspired by the true story of the Von Trapp Family singers, a renowned concert group during the time leading up to World War II. Julie Andrews beautifully portrays Maria, a spirited young woman who starts off as a tomboyish postulant in an Austrian abbey but later becomes a governess in the household of a widowed naval captain with seven children. Through her presence, she infuses the home with a fresh zest for life and a deep appreciation for music.