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What’s under the covers – April 2024

What’s under the covers – April 2024

By David Miles
Introducing the latest “Truck Tales” book, a must–read for car–loving kids! Meet Cylinderella, who lives with three mean trucks and spends her days cleaning for them. But with the help of the Fairy Rod Mother, she attends the Royal Car Show and teaches the kingdom that what’s inside is more important than a shiny exterior.
Ages: 3–5 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $13.80

The Three Little Rigs
By David Miles
Follow the little rigs as they transport materials over a mountain and face off against the mischievous Big Bad Bulldozer. This exciting truck adventure is perfect for car and truck–loving kids and will captivate both kids and adults alike!
Ages: 3–5 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $13.80

The Naughty Bench
A.H. Benjamin
Room 4 faces challenges: bad weather, cancelled zoo outing, and Miss Cross with a headache. Flynn makes a rude sound, Ruby and Phoebe argue, and Oscar takes too long in the bathroom. Everyone then gets sent to the bench. But tough times don’t last, and they end the day happily, laughing and having fun.Ages: 4–8 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 32 Price: CAD $24.81

Too Many Hugs – April
By Yvonne Pearson
Theo’s book on consent teaches his family about respect and personal boundaries. He writes five rules for hugging and puts them on the fridge. When Grandma sees the rules, she asks for consent. Theo happily agrees. Consent empowers kids against abuse and shows that they matter. Asking for a hug respects personal boundaries.
Ages: 3–6 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: Price: 32 CAD $22.95

I Love You, Little Truck – April
By David Miles
“I Love You, Little Truck” is a heartwarming story about the love between Big Truck and Little Truck. Despite Little Truck’s doubts, Big Truck’s love overcomes any obstacle, as shown through charming illustrations by Natasha Mollins and a simple, rhyming text that conveys a touching message for children.
Ages: 1–4 Publisher: Bushel & Peck Books Pages: 24 Price: CAD $22.69

Nellie in Knots
By Amy Neeren
Nellie conquered anxiety; she performed in the talent show and acted as the lead choreographer. However, an encounter with Rufus left her terrified of dogs. Now, she refuses to go outside, attend dance club, or stay at her grandparents’ house. Can she overcome her fear with the support of friends and Dr. Neederburger?
Ages: 7–10 Publisher: Pages: 116 Price: CAD $16.95