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What’s Under the Covers in January 2023

What’s Under the Covers in January 2023

Horse & Buggy on Ice
By Ethan Long
A hilarious story for beginner readers about best friends Horse and Buggy who share their skating talents! A horse can skate, he can spin, he can leap! But when he falls, Buggy comes to his rescue. Together, they try again!
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 32 Price: $21.99

Firefighter Flo
By Andrea Zimmerman,
illustrated by Dan Yaccarino
In the Bold Women series, even the youngest readers meet women in unusual jobs who lead teams that rely on them. A fire has broken out, and Flo and her team are the only ones who can help. Parents and children will enjoy reading along with the firefighters as they put on fireproof suits, race off in their trucks, douse the blaze with the big hose, and rescue the family pet. Ages: 3- 6 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 32 Price: $24.99

Snow Foal
By Susanna Bailey
In the middle of a cold winter, eleven-year-old Addie finds herself staying with a foster family on an Exmoor farm. She is full of hurt, anger, and deep mistrust toward everyone around her. One day, she rescues a wild foal and discovers she’s not so alone after all. As an adventure and unexpected friendship blossoms, Addie is determined that both will know what it is to be home again soon.
Ages 8-12 Publisher: Holiday House/Peachtree Publishing Pages: 194 Price:12.99

Wombat Said
Come In
By Carmen Agra Deedy
A bushfire rages above Wombat’s home. Since his burrow is deep below ground, he is safe. Drinking tea under his quilt. His friend Wallaby arrives at his door, frightened. Wallaby can’t reach his home and asks if he can stay with Wombat for a little while. Wombat welcomes him in. However, one by one, Wombat opens his home to a wallaby, a kookaburra, a platypus, a koala, and a sugar glider, who also seek refuge from the fires.
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Margaret Quinlin Books/Peachtree Pages: 36 Price: $24.99

Booker the Library Bat 1: The New Guard
By Jess Brallier
After completing his training, Booker the bat reports for duty at Coimbra’s Joanina Library. As night falls, he flies through the stacks, munching on the bugs that are eating 200,000 antique leather books. Booker loves reading, so it’s the perfect job for him. And now he’s saving books! One problem: how will he fit in with the other guards? They’re so cool and confident, and what if they don’t like him? But when Booker spots a human attempting to steal pages from one of the valuable books, he summons his courage. He locates the other bat guards and swoops in with a plan to save the day! Ages: 4-7 Publisher: Pixel + Ink Pages: 32 Price: $23.99 HC

Penguins (New & Updated Edition)
By Gail Gibbons
With this new edition, you can discover seventeen different kinds of penguins. A vibrant watercolour illustration and kid-friendly language teach young readers about penguins’ lives, diets, and hatching. Updated information on habitats, species classifications, and prehistoric penguins. Find out how penguins’ feathers can withstand freezing water. Watch emperor penguins care for their babies in extreme cold. The book also covers penguin conservation efforts and how their populations are threatened.
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Holiday House Pages: 32 Price: $24.99 HC