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April 2024 cool things

April 2024 cool things

Kids Against Maturity:

If you are tired of playing the same old games every game night, Kids Against Maturity will bring a breath of fresh air. It was created and enjoyed by parents just like you. Suitable for all ages. $24.87 Available at

CIMELR Kids Camera:

Designed with charming cartoons, our Kids Camera is ideal for young ones. If your child has a passion for photography, the CIMELR kids’ camera is the perfect choice. Let their journey of exploration and wonder begin as they embark on capturing the beauty of the world. $44.99 Available at and

LEGO Icons Tiny Plants Building Set:

Introducing LEGO Icons Tiny Plants    a stylish and relaxing building set that adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. Create nine unique plants inspired by arid, tropical, and carnivorous species, beautifully showcased in terracotta flowerpots. $69.86 Available at and

JustForKids Kids Garden Tool:

These mini versions of adult-sized tools are perfect for little ones who want to garden like the grown-ups. With each metal tool securely attached to a 27.5” solid wood handle, kids can truly immerse themselves in the joy of digging and planting! $37.24 Available at

Fotorama Burger Mania Game:

Race against a friend to build the perfect custom burger. Assemble your burger quickly before it reaches the end of the moving conveyor belt. The player who prepares the most burgers wins. Show off your burger-building skills and become the ultimate burger master! $51.95 Available at and

Slumber Otter Cuddly Toy:

The ultimate baby soother that brings calmness to your little one, at home or on the go. With soothing music, gentle sounds, and super soft clothing, this adorable otter lulls your baby into peaceful sleep. Its rhythmic breathing movements create a mesmerizing effect, making it the perfect snooze time companion. $29.99 Available at

Brave Finder Light Up Terrarium Kit:

Unleash your creativity and nurture a thriving ecosystem with the incredible Grow Own Habitat in a Jar! This amazing Light-Up Terrarium Kit is not just a fun activity but also a fantastic way to ignite your child’s curiosity and foster a genuine love for science. $29.99 Available at

One For Kids by Sonicare:

This toothbrush makes brushing fun and easy for your child. It has gentle pulse reminders and a playful design to help them transition to electric brushing effortlessly. The built-in timer ensures they brush for two minutes, and the QuadPacer signals when to move to a different part of their mouth. $24.99 Available at