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Sweet Reads Box

Sweet Reads Box

With back-to-school and holiday seasons approaching, recently launched in Canada and the USA comes the Sweet Reads Box. The latest in subscription boxes the book box is a must have for anyone who loves to read. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, time for yourself seems to get lost. A Sweet Reads Box includes a great read, a decadent treat, and carefully curated items that correspond to your book. The line offers subscriptions, limited edition boxes and past boxes (all of which are available)!

The Maid Book Box
The Maid by Nita Prose is a delightfully charming novel centered around a surprising mystery. ‘Molly Gray’ is a woman whose life revolved around her Gran (who has recently died), and she has to forge her own path. She works as a hotel maid at the Regency Grand Hotel. Life takes a different turn when Molly finds a wealthy guest dead in his bed. It is now time to prove her innocence and find the true killer. Intriguing and captivating, this novel keeps you wondering. Included in the box is Walton Wood Farm’s scrumptious Regency Hotel Shortbread, Regency Hotel Cleaner to clean up any mess, and Regency English Breakfast Tea, a chocolate puzzle by Chronicle Books, Lindt’s milk chocolate truffles, a door hanger by Penguin Books, and a Regency Hotel notepad and pen.
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Black Cake Book Box
Black Cake, Charmaine Wilkerson’s debut novel, explores the question: Do we really know our parents? Eleanor and her children, Byron and Benny, will draw you in from page one. Our journey takes us to Jamaica, England, and California. Love and loss, escape and belonging, swimming and surfing, baking and family. The box also includes black cake by Jaruca, Benny’s Dream Beans by Propellor Coffee, Dreaming of Coffee Candle by Allen Wick Candles, Walton Wood Farm’s Swimmer’s Rescue Lip Scrub & Beach Babe Lip Balm, Vegan Gummy Sharks, a black cake recipe card by Penguin Books, and a note from Charmaine Wilkerson exclusive to Sweet Readers. $75.00 at


The Woman of Pearl Island Book Box
Polly Crosby’s The Women of Pearl Island is a novel about an island, a family, and secrets. In the novel, Tartelin answers an ad for a personal assistant on a British island. Pearl Island offers an escape from daily life, sadness, and modern conveniences. Tartelin’s employer, Marianne, is a remarkably private woman with a difficult past. Marianne and Tartelin’s pasts slowly unravel in this wonderful novel about a top-secret event that took place decades ago on Pearl Island. The box also includes milk hot chocolate by Camino, Walton Wood Farm’s beautiful mulling spice for cider or wine, old-fashioned raspberry candy tube by Candy Labs, a custom Tea & Butterflies bookmark by Crafted Van, handmade Walton Wood Farm Peppermint Soap, IKIWISI’s custom “I’ll Know It When I See It” Bibliophile Desk Calendar, Sweet Reads Tote, and an “I’ll Know It When I See It” holiday card $40.00 at


Lessons in Chemistry Book Box
In this box, you’ll find Bonnie Garmus’s Lessons in Chemistry novel, which follows protagonist Elizabeth Zott as she begins her new career as TV cooking show host. Set in the 1960s, this truly unique novel explores the similarities between cooking and chemistry. In Elizabeth’s world, men are scientists and women are not. Lessons in Chemistry is both funny and inspiring, quirky, and intelligent. The box also includes a delicious lemon square baked good by Lemon Square Co., C25H28N6O7 instant coffee by Alpine Coffee, an assorted styles dishtowel by Danica, marinara mix by Gourmet du Village, Lab Goal Socks by Endur, soda biscuits and Italian noodles by Supper at Six, a Lessons in Chemistry pencil by Penguin Canada, custom-created notepad specially designed to coordinate with the novel, and a special letter from author Bonnie Garmus exclusive to Sweet Readers.
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