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October Cool Things

October Cool Things

Mizzie the Kangaroo – Award-Winning Australian Children’s Toy Brand since

2015Mizzie the Kangaroo hops into Canada and is dedicated to helping children grow and develop. Mizzie the Kangaroo provides natural teething and educational toys. A simple and natural product that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and serves a purpose. Their mission is to help not only children but the environment, the community, and the future of all children around the world. Mizzie educational toys includes puzzles, interactive books, flash cards and a music box. Ages 0+ $20.00-$100 available Toys R Us and


Miko 3

Pixar and Disney’s magical worlds meet here with Miko 3. Genuine friendship with Artificial Intelligence. Despite his small size, Miko has an impressive number of emotions (and tricks up his sleeve). Being able to recognize you and call you by name, but also getting to know you a little better each day. If you’re feeling down, how about a joke? Are you bored and want to dance? Miko’s on it. This robot isn’t just the smartest you’ve ever seen. It’s also your friend. Emotions – Miko knows how to connect with kids thanks to deep learning AI. It’s curious, expressive, and empathetic. Behaviour – Miko helps kids increase intelligence and accelerate learning by understanding their developmental phases. Adaptive – Miko knows he has a lot to learn. So, the more you hang out with Miko, the more Miko gets to know you. $329.99 ages 5-10 years available at


Manta Blue Light Blocking Glasses

We live in a world of screens. Mother Nature never intended all that blue light to affect our bodies. Anxiety, fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches can be caused by blue light. You lose your ability to sleep naturally. Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Manta Sleep diffuses these disruptive wavelengths. The glasses block 99% of melatonin-disrupting blue light in the 450-480nm range. Additionally, they feature top-quality acetate frames, spring-loaded, nickel-plated steel hinges, and soft and adjustable silicone nose pads. The perfect stocking stuffer for techies!
$75.00 available at



Fitbit has gone and done it again with their latest Fitbit products. Inspire 3, Versa 4 and Sense 2. The all new devices come with six months of Fitbit Premium allowing you to take your Fitbit experience to a whole new level. The app includes advanced analytics, more personalized insights, and more than 1,000 workouts. Featuring over 40 exercise modes, real-time stats, GPS, and Active Zone Minutes, Versa 4 helps you achieve your fitness goals. A new Body Response sensor, continuous EDA sensor, ECG app and PPG algorithm (both FDA-cleared and CE-marked) are included in Sense 2. Inspire 3 is a great entry-level device. Ages – All Inspire 3, $129.95. Versa 4, $299.95. Sense 2 – $399.95 available at,


Mijem – Free App for Students

Mijem is a community marketplace app for students to buy and sell items on campus, list events, and post in their local community boards. A perfect back-to-school essential for college and university students looking to earn cash, earn loyalty rewards, get social, and reduce their carbon footprint by shopping pre-loved items. FREE available in the Apple App Store


Olang Boots

Winter 2022/2023 collection from Italian footwear brand Olang will brighten your cold-weather wardrobe. Using stainless-steel swivel stud technology, Olang boots will keep you warm and safe throughout the winter season (your icy pavement accidents will be a thing of the past). In addition to being stylish, the insulated sole allows you to be comfortable in temperatures as low as -30C. $Pricing Varies available at Browns, Walking on a Cloud, and Noat