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By any other name

By any other name



My two-year old has decided to change his name.

It began innocently enough.  His official name is Jayden (the name given him by his birth mother) Duncan (the last name of his foster family) Tobias (the last name of his birth family) Hill (our last name), which is already quite a mouthful РJayden Duncan Tobias Hill Рso we started calling him J.J., or Jayjay, as my older sons spell it.

Then I began calling him Jayjay McGillicuddy, for reasons that I can’t really explain, and Jayden began¬†calling himself by this name too, but he couldn’t quite pronounce it, so it became Jayjay Gillicuddy.

Apparently Gillicuddy sounded a little like kitty-katty to him (say it a few times and you’ll see what I mean), so he tacked Kittycat to the end of the name as well, and he became Jayjay Gillicuddy Kittycat.

Then, at the beginning of the week, for no apparent reason, he made a further addition to his name, and ever since then he has sporadically insisted on being called, Jayjay Gillicuddy Kittycat Batman, which is all kind of awesome, and which makes his whole name Jayjay Gillicuddy Kittycat Batman Duncan Tobias Hill.

I know – amazing.