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Raising resilient children

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Raising resilient children

The definition of resilient is “marked by the ability to recover readily as from misfortune”.  This is an extremely important skill for children to learn. I want my child to accept the word “no” and I want her to be able to pick herself up, and dust herself off, after she falls.

I want her to be okay with failure. It’s one way that we learn, grow, and become independent. It takes strength to fail, to admit defeat, and to be okay with it. While I don’t want my child to ever feel sad or disappointed or defeated, she will need to face these things and learn to deal with them and recover. I will be there to guide her through them when she needs me or asks me for help. I admit it is hard and this is why parents could benefit from Halton Waldorf School presentation, “Raising Resilient Children”, with guest speaker Dick O’Brien M.A.Sc. He is a professional speaker and consultant in human relations, who will give parents tips and strategies to help raise a resilient child.

Here are the details
Halton Waldorf School presents

Raising Resilient Children

Saturday, February 1 at 2 p.m.
This presentation, featuring guest speaker Dick O’Brien,offers parents helpful guidelines on how to encourage children to respond to life in a healthy way. How do we educate children to be life-long learners and to succeed in a variety of environments? This presentation will also touch upon dealing with disappointment, delaying gratification, and cultivating a “healthy self-image”.
Book online at to reserve your spot.
The Presentation is $10 plus free child minding. Halton Waldorf School is located at 2193 Orchard Rd. Burlington.

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