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No time for time-outs

No time for time-outs


A couple of weeks ago I attended a family stress workshop at Squeak’s school presented by a family psychotherapist. Its main focus was techniques that help minimize family stress.
One of the techniques the therapist suggested was “time-outs”. I don’t do “time-outs” with my child however I found it enlightening to find out at this workshop that a lot of parents don’t do “time-outs”. The reason why I don’t do “time-outs” is because when I took Early Childhood Education we learned that children don’t learn anything from a “time-out” and that often they forget why they are even in a “time-out”.  

Instead we were taught to deal with the situation at the time, and every situation is different. I believe in treating children the way you would want to be treated. Deal with the behaviour.

Now this is not to say that sometimes we all need a little time away, to cool down, to settle down, breath when we are angry. We all need space. That to me is a different story, it is not so negative, it lets a person have their own area to just cool down. Now is that a “time-out”? I guess it is, but you’re not being put in a corner or on a naughty chair and made to stay. It is not as negative as a “time-out”.
When I was at this workshop it dawned on me that these parents are probably pretty awesome and they probably don’t have a lot to worry about. It seemed like they cared deeply about their children. That is why they were there. They just needed reassurance or advice. The workshop reassured me that I am just like any other parent trying to do the “right” thing for my child.

The workshop was called THERAtivity to get more information you can go to their website <>

Shari Nelson is an advertising sales rep at City Parent and a contributor to the magazine’s social media, including Facebook and Twitter. She has a background in Early Child Care Education, a 4-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old dog. She aspires to own chickens and a goat – maybe a farm one day, a dream she shares with her amazing and talented husband.