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Why procrastination is such a rewarding goal

Why procrastination is such a rewarding goal

I weighed my jeans this morning. They weigh twice as much as my leggings. I was deciding what to wear to weigh-in at my club. Not to name names but it’s the one in which Oprah is currently heavily (pun intended) invested.

I’ve lost weight several times and then it finds me again. I may not have learned to keep it off but I do know when to take it off. It’s a better option than purchasing a whole new wardrobe. There’s no secret to maintaining a healthy weight. You need to eat more nutritious food in appropriately sized portions, consume less sugar and other “empty calories” and be active.

Joining a friend or two on the journey is going to help motivate you. Joining a “club” helps me to be accountable and keeps me on track to reach my goals. It’s like doggy school. I know how to train a dog but I need to attend a weekly class to ensure my dog does her homework. We work hard all week to master the required skills and maintain our puppy pride when put through the paces with our classmates.

It’s when we don’t decide to get something done within a certain amount of time that it doesn’t get done. The “something” has to be a reasonable achievement or it won’t get done. One thing that always gets done is procrastination. If we decide to do something and then decide that it’s okay to put if off, we’ve actually achieved a goal. We’ve put it off. There…done!

Putting it off helped me to find another five pounds that I now need to take off in addition to the other two rounds of five pounds that I chose to put off losing. That’s 15 pounds in case you’re counting. There’s another five pounds looking for me if I don’t put on the leggings and weigh in.

I am not a waif. I am short, muscular, shapely and strong. I don’t see my body type and age represented in images of women in magazines. My skinny jeans, weighing in at about a pound, are skinny only at the ankles and that’s just fine. They just aren’t so tight anymore. Proof that I’ve been doing my homework even though I’m pretty sure Oprah won’t be showing up at one of my meetings. Bet she wears leggings too!