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Growing Up

Growing Up

Life moves too fast and the kids grow too quickly. While we can’t stop time we can capture it. Or at least capture those milestones in our family that we treasure. Professional photographers Here’s My Baby! Fine Portraits has some advice on which milestones are the most endearing to craft the most striking portraits.

The newborn stage is a magical yet fleeting period that is truly once in a life time. At this stage newborns are still very flexible when positioned creatively and love to sleep. Nothing compares to capturing their darling little faces, as well as their cute little hands and feet on their tiny perfect little bodies…So precious.

Babyhood is the next significant period for your child at around 6 months. Their faces have the most innocent and natural expressions and their eyes are full of wonder. A first little tooth may also be appearing and they are excited about just sitting up.

The next major milestone is at one year. Your baby may now be standing, even walking, and they are full of curiosity. With the first year bringing the most changes, each captured moment is beautiful and special to a parent. For this reason Here’s My Baby! Fine Portraits has put together the Bebe Collection which is a convenient and economical way of getting professionally crafted portraits three times during the first year of their child’s life.

The next milestone is a good year later. The two year old. The child has changed considerably and he or she is definitely a unique personality. Hence, the child’s portraits are typically more personality-driven. They are usually more mischievous and extremely active resulting in fun, spontaneous pictures.

Up to age 5, parents typically have the children’s portraits done annually because changes are still significant. By this time a second or third sibling has joined the family making the portraits that much more eventful. Capturing such milestones virtually puts a time machine in your hands. And Here’s My Baby! Fine Portraits parents create some beautiful moments in time that will strike your heart.

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