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Doing it for the kids is a done deal for parents

Doing it for the kids is a done deal for parents


The things we do for our kids. Most recently, the thing had my husband and I careening down an extremely steep, narrow mountain bike trail, bumping over logs, dodging trees, navigating roots and streams and evading bees.

We could have taken an easier root when our guide, Miles, asked if we wanted to tackle Mile High Hill. Our son and his two younger cousins were definitely up for the challenging climb and thrilling descent so the high road was chosen. I dismounted and happily walked for the majority of the trek. My husband opted for the ride and crash approach.

The mountain bike excursion was part of a media day event at Horseshoe Resort. What enticed me to attend was the idea that the activities were suited to kids of all ages and that range went up to older teenagers like our son Sam. As kids get older, it becomes more of a challenge to find things to do together as a family.

Mountain biking, zip lining and rolling really, really fast down a tubing hill in an Aqua Ogo, are among those things. You can find out more details about these things at my blog.

There is a long list of things I’ve done “for the children”. We all do these things; they are what make us parents. Kids require us to do things for them and with them, things we would not likely do if it weren’t for the kids. Things like tackling the vertical mountain bike trail.

Also on the list – holding a boa constrictor so that my child would be brave enough to do it too; battling claustrophobia to wiggle through dark, damp caves on my belly; repressing my fear and joining them on extreme amusement park rides and water slides; conducting a funeral for a hamster; watching a baseball game in the pouring rain; watching the same child’s football game while it snowed.

Whether you are at the stage when the “things” are reading the same story over and over again and knee bouncing until it hurts, or at the stage that I find myself, be sure to enjoy the ride.