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Learning at the individual level

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Learning at the individual level

Learning disability. There, I said it. I admit I was labeled with learning disabilities all through my elementary days. Did it mean that I was slow? Nope, not one bit. It just meant I learned differently than others, I was more of a visual learner and was distracted a lot by what was going on in the classroom. 

Every day I was pulled out of the classroom to learn in a smaller group. Smaller groups worked for me, I could focus on the task at hand and had more attention from my resource teacher. Did I hate being different? Maybe a little, but I was grateful to have extra attention. 

I recently  attended an open house in Oakville at Eye Level Learning Centre, a supplemental education and enrichment franchise. Built on an educational philosophy and learning method where self-directed learning, individualized academic coaching, and critical thinking are at the core, Eye Level provides a customized learning experience. Offering both enrichment and remediation in math and English, Eye Level has proven results in improving academic progress and instilling life-long learning in school age children.

 "Eye Level's core principle is that the instructors understand the child's perspective", said director Bhawna Arora. She adds, "We don't teach the students in a classroom; we provide individualized instruction to each student. We guide your child to build on his or her strengths and develop better habits to replace the weak ones".

Sometimes kids just need a little extra help. And frankly that is okay. All Children learn in various ways, and have different learning styles.

It doesn't make them slow, it just means they have a different style of learning and I think that is what makes each of us human. The new learning center is located at 2427 Trafalgar Road, Oakville.

For more information about Eye Level or to enroll, call 289-813-1713 or visit  

Shari Nelson is an advertising sales rep at City Parent and a contributor to the magazine's social media, including Facebook and Twitter. She has a background in Early Child Care Education, a 4-year-old daughter, a 9-year-old dog, and a hamster. She aspires to own chickens and a goat – maybe a farm one day, a dream she shares with her amazing and talented husband.