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Oakville Museum Summer Camp Mini Hands

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Oakville Museum Summer Camp Mini Hands


This summer I was apprehensive as to what I was going to do with Squeak. She is still young and there are only a few day camp options for young children. I knew about the Mini Hands half-day camp through City Parent and the Recreation Guide of Oakville. I checked around, asking other families if they heard about it. I heard such rave reviews, that I signed her up.

Squeak was a little scared and shy the first day, she thought I was going to be attending camp with her.  We were greeted by three staff with big smiles, who brought her into the camp room where all the children were making pasta and feather necklaces. Squeak was thrilled.

She loved the first week of camp so much that she asked to be signed up the following week, and thank goodness they had one space left. 

As a parent, you want to feel comfort in knowing that you are leaving your child with people who you can trust whole heartedly.  I felt comfortable leaving Squeak with the staff at the Oakville Museum Summer Camp and I knew she loved going because she is ready to go with her back pack on an hour before camp starts. I’m so happy that she’s this excited about going to camp. 

For more information about Oakville Museum Summer Camps, please visit www.oakville/ for programs codes and registration details. The full day and half-day camps offer a safe environment for kids to learn, laugh and explore.

Shari Nelson is an advertising sales rep at City Parent and a contributor to the magazine's social media, including Facebook and Twitter. She has a background in Early Child Care Education, a 3-year-old daughter, a 7-year-old dog, a fish and a hamster. She aspires to own chickens and a goat – maybe a farm one day, a dream she shares with her amazing and talented husband.