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what’s under the covers this month – book shelf

what’s under the covers this month – book shelf

Work It, Girl: Rule the Music Scene like Queen Beyonce Knowles
By Caroline Moss and Sinem Erkas
This book is perfect for young girls who dream big. Work It, Girl is part of a series. This is the true story of a shy girl’s rise to fame and becoming an international icon, Beyonce Knowles. A book that inspires the reader to reflect on and apply ten key life lessons. Ages: 7 Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books Pages: 64
Price: $20.99


Living with Viola
By Rosena Fung
Living with Viola is a unique book exploring culture and mental health in kids. Viola isn’t a real person. Viola is Livy’s anxiety. Only Livy knows she’s there. Like most kids moving to a new home, new school, new friends can be overwhelming. However, there are always issues at home and at school, and Viola keeps hanging around. Livy can’t wait till Viola takes a hike. Only when Livy asked for help was life easier. Ages 9 – 12 Publisher: Annick Press. Pages: 272 Price: $25.95


The Book of Hugs
By Tim Harris
This book is exactly like the title reads. All about hugs: Teddy Bear Tim Loves giving hugs. He joins forces with his two monkey friends to teach and show all the different kinds of hugs and how to hug, and even reasons to hug. A warm cuddly read. Ages: All Ages Publisher: Flowerpot Press Pages: 32 Price: $16.99


Let’s Go For A Walk
By Ranger Hamza
Take this book wherever you go, especially on walks. A colourful illustrated book that is easy to read and interact with. It will spark your child’s mind in more ways than one. Make your walks more of an adventure! Age 3-6 Publisher: Ivy Kids Pages: 32
Price: $23.99


Mother and Baby Natural Care
By Émilie Hébert
A DIY collection of easy-to-follow recipes for making natural care products for babies, new mothers, and expecting mothers. It features 40 original, stress-free recipes for wellness, beauty, and health products (using organic materials which you may already have at home) written by DIY expert Émilie Hébert under the guidance of natural care midwife Hélène Boyé. Ages: All Publisher: Apollo Publishers Pages: 128
Price: $29.99 CDN


A Cat Named Sam
By M.J. Fievre
You will have some fun discovering why a cat named Sam fears Christmas. In this book, you will discover the reasons why Sam the talking cat is afraid. There’s something cooking for dinner, the only question is who is doing the cooking?
We learn how to feel all the different feelings, as well as how crucial listening is.
Ages: All Publisher: Dragonfruit Pages: 32 Price $18.95


Born To Sparkle
By Megan Bomgaars
Megan Bomgaars’ Born to Sparkle will inspire all humanity. Megan is the leader in the Down syndrome community. Her book is a story about achieving your dreams, and everyone can sparkle. With encouraging words like, “anything is possible”, “don’t limit yourself” and “there are no limits,” you’ll be inspired by this book! Ages: All Ages Publisher: Flowerpot Press Pages: 32 Price: $16.99