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What’s under the covers – June 2023

What’s under the covers – June 2023

When You’re Older

By Sofie Laguna, and Illustrated by Judy Watson
In this stunning picture book, an older brother discusses the amazing experiences he expects to share with his new baby brother when he grows up. The bond between brothers is exquisitely demonstrated and deeply joyful in this beautifully illustrated book. Embark on a journey with them as they explore this awe-inspiring and wild world side by side.
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: IPG Publishers Group Pages: 32 Price: $24.99 CAD


Learn by Sticker – Beginning Phonics & Addition and Subtraction

By Workman Publishing
A fun way to keep learning through the summer. Learn by Sticker is a brand-new product from the creators of Brain Quest. Bright and colourful workbooks. Discover a fun new way to practice phonics: stickers! Kids will have fun creating ten friendly monster images while practicing basic phonics. A new way for kids to practice key learning skills.
Ages 5+ Published by: Workman Publishing Pages: 44 Price: $15.99 each


Zoe and the I Can’t Monkey

By Adrian Lortie, and Illustrated by Natalia Peña
Zoe notices all her friends no longer use their training wheels to ride their bikes. So, one day Zoe takes her training wheels off to be just like them except she has a monkey on her back that whispers, “I can’t” which only made riding more difficult for her. She soon learns from her parents that when she hears, “I can’t” in her head, that she should answer by saying, “I can.” A wonderful book on self-talk and the power of positive thinking.
Ages: 4+ Publisher: Tellwell Talent Pages: 36 Price: $14.99

Growing Feelings – A Kids’ Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids

By Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Christine McLaughlin
A must have book. Friends and other kids often trigger children’s biggest emotions. In childhood friendships, all emotions, including painful ones, are useful. First-of-its-kind in children’s books, Growing Feelings helps kids cope and understand feelings. Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore and parenting and health writer Christine McLaughlin teaches kids healthy ways to manage and communicate feelings about their friendships, with kid-friendly cartoons, research-based coping strategies, and silly observations from a cat and a dog with their own (questionable) ideas about what might help. Ages: 6-10 Published by: Beyond Words Publishing Pages: 208 Price: $22.99 CDA


The House on Sunrise Lagoon – Sam Makes a Splash

By Nicole Melleby
Here are three things you need to know about eleven-year-old Samantha Ali-O’Connor: she is one of five adopted siblings, who share two moms, a big dog, and only her name is not inspired by the ocean. She and Harbor always compete to be the best oldest sibling. She aims to prove herself as a true Ali-O’Connor by taking over the family business of repairing and charting boats. There’s just one problem: her mothers have been talking about selling the business before the end of the summer! The clock is ticking, and Sam needs a plan, quick, before Harbor finds out. Sam can’t lose her chance to inherit the business and be an Ali-O’Connor forever. Ages: 8-12 Published by: Algonquin Young Readers Pages: 224 Price: $22.99


Oakley the Squirrel: 1, 2, 3!

By Nancy Rose
Real squirrels, real photos! A playful counting book featuring Oakley the squirrel and his friends on a camping trip helps you learn your numbers. As Oakley experiences the fun of camping, he teaches readers how to count. Real squirrels are featured on every page! Photographer Nancy Rose lures squirrels into her photo frame using strategically placed peanuts, so they appear in squirrel-sized sets that replicate human life, complete with tents, s’mores, campfires, and more.
Ages: Baby – 4yrs. Published by: Workman Publishing Company Pages: 30 Price: 12.99