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What’s Under The Covers This Month

What’s Under The Covers This Month

Twelve Days of Winter: A Wildlife Celebration

By Sherri Maret
Illustrated by Thomas Hilley
As the snow gently falls around them in this revamped version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, you and your child can read or singalong with a turn of each page and meet new animals in the meadow.
Age: 3-8. Published by: Muddy Boots. Pages: 32. Price: $ 21.95



How to Catch an Elf

By Adam Wallace,
Illustrated by Andy Elkerton
On Christmas Eve, an elf is loose. . in YOUR house! Are you up for the challenge? Christmas Eve is a fun time to follow along as a mischievous elf wreaks havoc! This Christmas picture book for kids is filled with zany traps, vibrant illustrations, STEAM concepts, and even Santa Claus himself!
Age: 4-8. Published by: Sourcebooks Wonderland. Pages: 32. Price: $15.95 HC



Guinness World Records 2023

A fascinating book is one of the best gifts this holiday season. What better way to keep the most inquisitive intrigued than with the latest release of the Guinness World Records 2023. Since 1955, Guinness has become a multimedia brand. In their latest edition you will find 10 fact-packed chapters
and special features to help bring the records to life. From space to gaming records, it will keep the reader mesmerized. Age: All. Published by: Guinness World Records. Pages: 256. Price: $30.00 HC



Rocky’s Road to the Big City

By Jessica DelVirginia,
Illustrated by Courtney Ling
From Oneonta to the Big Apple. Rocky, a saw-whet owl, unintentionally takes a journey far from
her home just in time for Christmas as a hide-and-seek game takes a turn. Her journey takes her to numerous places, including the frozen pond and her first experience “inside”, and the glamour of unlimited mouse meals that she wasn’t forced to hunt for herself. It’s sure to become a holiday story for the ages; a tiny, feathered piece of New York City holiday tradition. Age: 3-6. Published by: Sky Pony. Pages: 32. Price: $26.99 HC



The Christmas Poop Log – A Christmas Tradition

By Jonathan Chastek,
Illustrated by Teguh Sulistio
A story of tradition lasting 400 years. It emerged in the Catalonia region of Spain. Through storytelling, during a walk, a young girl and her mother come across a log. Her mother points out that she thinks it’s a poop log. Although the little girl is grossed out, her mother explains the tradition behind this silly name for a log. A unique story and tradition. Activity set comes with wooden log and dowels, Santa hat, felt blanket, paint set, glue, and googly eyes. Book available on & book & activity set available on Age: All Published by: Gold-N-Spike LLC Pages: 31 Price: Book $15.95 & Activity set $34.95 US



Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins – Gift Edition

By Eric A. Kimmel,
illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
On the first night of Hanukkah, Hershel of Ostropol eagerly approaches a village where latkes and merriment await – only there isn’t a single candle lit when he arrives. The synagogue has been invaded by frightful goblins, and the villagers are unable to celebrate! Hershel promises to help them. Night after night, the clever trickster battles one goblin after another. Hershel is tasked with trying to light the menorah and celebrate Hanukkah, but the leering goblins are both horrifying and outrageous.
Ages 4-8. Published by: Holiday House. Pages: 32. Price: $33.99 available at Indigo