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What’s under the covers – March 2023

What’s under the covers – March 2023

My Baba’s Garden

By Jordan Scott
Jordan Scott’s inspired by memories of his childhood. It tells the story of a child spending time with their baba (grandmother), with a particular focus on the time she spent tending her garden, finding worms to keep it thriving. Each day he finds her hidden in the steam of boiling potatoes. She hums like a night full of bugs when she cooks, holding a beet with one hand, opening cupboards with another, closing the fridge with her elbow. Ages: 4-8. Published by: Neal Porter Books. Pages: 32. Price: $24.99


Are You My Father

By Tyler Barnett
Riley learns valuable life lessons from different community members and discovers that family can come in many forms. He learns about safety from Mr. Thompson, the bus driver, from Mr. Johnson, the music teacher, to Coach Bear, who encourages physical activity and teamwork, and from Officer Bear, who instills responsibility and integrity. “Are You My Father?” is a touching heartwarming story and reminder of the meaning of family and the bonds that bring us together. Ages: All. Published by: Independently published. Pages: 26. Price: $8.15


The Crayons’ Book of Feelings

By Drew Daywalt & Oliver Jeffers
It’s no secret that crayons enjoy colouring, but did you know they also have feelings? There are times when they feel happy and then there are times when they feel blue. A fun board book to help young readers understand and express their feelings. It comes from the creative minds behind The Day the Crayons Quit and The Day the Crayons Came Home.
Ages: 1-3. Published by: Philomel Books. Pages: 22. . Price: $11.99



by Kai Luftner and Illustrated by Wiebke Rauers
There’s something so sweet about ladybugs. They’re small, they fly gently, and they’re cute. The opposite is true of “Jitterbug”-Lady B. Marie! It is rock ‘n’ roll that beats in her heart. While her hands are firmly gripped on the electric guitar, her voice belts out melodies, and she sings and grooves wildly. Papa, Mrs. Snail, and Grasshopper are less enthusiastic about the music and soon the other meadow dwellers leave the scene. Is this Jitterbug giving up? No! On the tranquil meadow, she sings alone. This was more than just glitz and glam. It was a declaration: “Here I am!”
Ages – 4-8. Published: NorthSouth Books. Pages:. 32. Price: $26.95


Sherlock Homes: The Final Problem

By Hannes Binder,
Based on the story by Arthur Conan Doyle
A graphic novel of Sherlock Holmes’ most famous adventure. The most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, is famed for his hunting hat, his smoking pipe, and his turned-up collar. In most cases, he investigates from London’s Baker Street. However, Holmes’ most spectacular case takes him across the continent to the Swiss Alps in a fast-paced chase. The roaring Reichenbach Falls becomes the setting for the epic battle between Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Is good going to win this battle against evil?
Ages – 10+. Published: NorthSouth Books. Pages: 56. Price: $26.95


The Forest Keeper: The True Story of Jadav Payend

By Rina Singh and Illustrated by Ishita Jain
In the face of global environmental ruin, what can one person do? Indian Jadav Payeng proved that we can all make a difference. During his childhood, he planted trees on a sandbank in Assam. He was never expected to succeed in this endeavor. Yet, since 1979, a forest the size of Central Park has emerged, providing shelter for countless animals and plants. Only in 2007 did a photographer accidentally discover Payeng Forest and made it known to the world. Young Jadav’s story is sensitively told by Rina Singh. Ishita Jain creates a stunning habitat in her picture book debut as illustrator, which evokes the feeling of being immersed in a miracle. Ages: 4-8. Publisher: NorthSouth Books. Pages:. 40. Prices: $25.95