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What’s Under the Cover | January

What’s Under the Cover | January

The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life
By Jacque Aye
An interactive book to encourage and build self-care. It’s a book to helps your kids learn about themselves, their fears, and how to defeat them. An official guide to becoming the most magical version of yourself. Fantasy vs reality and the tools kids learn to use in the real world of being. This book teaches how self-love, emotional openness, and softness are associated with power, intelligence, and strength. Age 10+ – Published by Ulysses Press – Pages 127 – Price $24.95 – CDN


Royal Trivia: Your Guide to the Modern British Royal Family
By Rachel Bowie and Roberta Fiorito
For fans of the British Royal Family a collection of intriguing facts and anecdotes. From Princess Diana to Megan Markle. Glimpses of the Royal’s evolution within the monarchy. Juicy tidbits about Princess Diana’s royal courtship, revenge dress from births to funerals and much more.
Ages 10+ – Published by Ulysses press – Pages 280 – Price $26.95 CDN


Cat’s First Baby
By Natalie Nelson
Cat is curious. Someone new has joined the family, but who is this tiny being? Unlike cats, this new arrival does not meow, smell, or have a tail. This loud, silly family member may even grow on Cat as he investigates. After all, they both enjoy a good catnap. Children will love this story from a pet’s point of view.
Age – 2-5 – Published Quirk Books – Pages 28 board book – Price $12.95 CDN


Hat Cat
By Troy Wilson
Friendship, love and trust is what this heartwarming story is about. Hat is a cat who was found inside an old man’s hat when he went to put it on. The old man takes Hat home where he loves and cares for Hat, however the old man is too afraid to let Hat outside. Then one day the old man goes away, and strangers come to visit, however they too love, care, and feed Hat. Hat finds an opportunity to escape when the little girl has the door open. Read what happens and how trust was built upon the old man’s return.
Ages 4-8 – Published by Candlewick Press – Pages 32 – Price – $23.99 – CDN HC


Don’t Lose Your Head – Life Lessons from the Six Ex-Wives of Henry VIII –
An Unofficial Survival Guide
By Harriet Marsden
This humorous guide to life gives you the inside scoop from a collection of some of English history’s toughest women, including ex-wives, mothers, and daughters of King Henry VIII. These legendary ladies explain (with a bit of sarcasm and friendly charm) how they learned hard lessons from the 16th century about dating, marriage, and feminism. This book tells the story through the eyes of four different women around Henry VIII, including the Queen Mother, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and more. Age – 12+ – Published by Ulysses Press – Pages 192 – Price $22.95 –


Why Do I Feel So Worried – A Kid’s Guide to Coping with Big Emotions.
By Tammi Kirkness
Managing worries and self-soothing when spiraling is hard for kids with developing minds. Check out this interactive, step-by-step guide! Children ages 7 to 12 follow an easy-to-use, colourfully illustrated flowchart, which teaches kids how to name the emotion they’re struggling with, figure out its source, and how to calm down with an easy activity. Even if kids can’t solve what’s worrying them, they can certainly make themselves feel better!
Age – All – Published by The Experiment – Pages 144 – Price $19.95 CDN