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September Cool Things

September Cool Things

Philips Espresso 3200 Series with LatteGo
Make a statement with Philips Espresso 3200 Series with LatteGo. Use the built-in ceramic grinders with 12 adjustment settings to customize your coffee with five different beverage options and five different temperature settings. Create a silky layer of milk froth with LatteGo technology. Embrace each day with coffee.
$999.00 available online at The Bay, & Amazon

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3
The kid-friendly DX3 has dual cameras, selfies and videos, one-and two-player games, daily reminders, and more. Watch light doubles as flashlight and camera flash. Stay on track with daily reminders, and switch to school mode when you want to keep the DX3 for “watching” only.
$84.99 available at

Philips Pasta Maker Plus
For a fast and fresh family meal, turn to the Philips Pasta Maker Plus. Philips Pasta Maker Plus is customizable to fit your dietary restrictions and needs. You can use gluten-free flour or healthy ingredients like spinach. It mixes, kneads, and extrudes dough into any pasta shape you choose. Dishwasher-safe removable parts ensure no big mess afterward.
$299.95 available, The Bay & Amazon

This grab-and-go bag contains four pouches with different activities. Whether you’re on a plane, in a car, at a restaurant, or you just want a little peace and quiet, Keke offers entertaining and educational activities to reduce screen time. Keke stands for “keep every kid engaged” and is designed for ages 3-6.
$64.99 available at

Bentgo Kids Print Shark
One-of-a-kind, leak-proof Bentgo Kids lunch box inspires parents to pack better lunches for kids who are always on the go. For active kids on the go, this bento lunch box features drop-proof, rubber-coated edges.
$39.99 available at

Bentgo Kids Chill
Bentgo Kids Chill keeps lunches perfectly chilled until eating time. Below the bento-style compartment tray is an optional built-in ice tray. Simply place the ice tray in the freezer overnight and pop it into the lunchbox on days you want to keep food chilled on the go.
$39.99 available at