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Play Time: Playmobil

Play Time: Playmobil

‘Tis the season for children of all ages to start putting together their holiday wish lists! Playmobil has some excellent toy gift suggestions for the gift-givers in your family.

Pony Farm

Giddy up! It’s your job to take care of the ponies, and they’re counting on you! The PLAYMOBIL Pony Farm offers endless fun with a giant stable door that leads to a large playpen and lots of storage in the attic.
Ages 5+ 89.99 CAD



Wiltopia – Assorted Animals Figurines with Animal Trading Card

PLAYMOBIL’s first eco-friendly product line contains more than 80% sustainable materials on average! The free WILTOPIA app lets you explore exciting digital content through a collection of 27 PLAYMOBIL animal figurine sets that include an animal toy, accessories, and an animal knowledge card.
Ages: 4+ $5.99-$14.99 CAD



Wiltopia – Animal Care Station

Take a trip down the river to the care station to help these animals get back into the wild! The station can be accessed via the staircase, the riverbank, or the footbridge. The station has a treatment room, a recreation area, and a ladder for getting food upstairs. It provides children with audio and video content and takes them directly into the habitats of the animals in WILTOPIA. Ages: 4+ $169.99 CAD



Water Park with Slides

The PLAYMOBIL Water Park! Rain or shine, this fun-filled water park is always open! There are tons of things to explore with two slides and a springboard.
Ages 4+ $89.99 CAD



Volkswagen Beetle – Special Edition

Like the iconic original, the PLAYMOBIL Beetle has the typical curved fenders; round rear view mirrors in chrome look and a 4-cylinder boxer engine under the rear hood. In addition to the roof rack with straps to secure luggage or surfboards, you get a bucket, sponge, and water hose for the perfect car care. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this Beetle model!
Ages 5+ $84.99 CAD



Police Headquarters with Prison

It’s time to fight crime! There’s a naughty thief on the loose in the city, and the authorities need your help! Keeping the city safe is easy with the PLAYMOBIL Police Headquarters, which includes a prison cell, a safe lockable gun cabinet, handcuffs, and everything else you need. Ages 4+ $159.00 CAD



NHL Arena

Shoot and score with the PLAYMOBIL NHL® Arena! With built-in launchers and tons of accessories, there is everything you need for your next hockey tournament.
Ages 4+ $94.99 CAD