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May Kid Finds

May Kid Finds

National Geographic™ Shark Tooth Dig Kit

Excavate three real shark teeth fossils from the ocean’s most fearsome predators! Kids can dig up shark fossils with National Geographic’s Shark Teeth Dig Kit. A shark-themed digging brick with three fossilized shark teeth (each from different species of shark), archeological digging tools, full-colour learning guide, and magnifying glass. 9+ – $17.99 CDN available Mastermind Toys – &

MASTERMIND by Goliath Games

The classic brain teaser Mastermind has become increasingly popular since Wordle went viral. Mastermind provides the challenge of logic and deduction while sharpening your Wordle skills. Crack the code in 10 moves, do you think you can do it? 8+ – $29.99 CDN available at


Does your child dream of owning a pony? Playmobil’s cheery Pony Farm makes this dream a reality.
Featuring spacious stalls, a hay loft, and a large open-air pen, children can take care of their own pony. Kids can train and groom these sensitive animals as part of fun activities. Children with a passion for horses will enjoy this deeply themed PLAYMOBIL. A springboard for endless tales, it features lifelike pony breeds, equipment, and adorable details!
Ages 5+ – $12.99 – $79.99 CDN available at

BRIO My First Railway Light Up Rainbow Set

Follow the light to make the rainbow shine. In a fun and engaging way, toddlers learn cause and effect by playing with this interactive toy train set. The aim of the game is to light up the rainbow. Follow the blinking lights with the little wooden train. The rainbow will light up in one of its four colours each time you complete the challenge, and a cute melody will play. 18+ $99.99 CDN available at Mastermind Toys

BRIO Disney Princess Castle Set

With this Disney Princess Castle Set, you can play as Aurora, Belle, and Cinderella. A magical castle and wooden train tracks, three Disney princesses and accessories are included in this charming playset. Besides helping with creative roleplaying and storytelling, the train also lets them control their own play experience, allowing them to learn while having fun. 3+ $159.99 CDN available at Mastermind Toys

National Geographic™ Glow in the Dark Crystal Lab

Make glowing crystals in your own home! Kit includes growing powder, seed rock, stir stick, real fluorite crystal. A great introduction to geology and chemistry for kids of all ages. 8+ – $14.99 CDN available at &