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January Cool Things

January Cool Things

Vans Snow Style – Vans MTE Collection
Vans with traction and warmth of a winter boot. The Vans MTE collection: Whether it’s rain, sleet, slush, snow, mud or wind, these all-weather warriors will keep you dry and comfortable. Make your next outdoor adventure a success by letting nothing stand in your way. Ages-All $130-$200 CDN available at,,, &

The North Face – Trans-Antarctica Expedition Collection
limited edition outerwear by the North Face was originally dreamed up for a team of six international explorers on the first ever dogsled crossing of Antarctica. Stand out in the snow or on the slopes with the men’s trans-Antarctica expedition parka. The collection also includes base camp duffel, men’s (TAE) fleece full zip, men’s Denali – 2 jacket, men’s (TAE) pant. Ages – Adult $179.99 – $939.99 CDN available at,

Tommy by Globe Electric
Nights without sleep are a thing of the past! Canada’s creative energy company, Globe Electric, provides easy family bedtimes. Let’s meet Tommy! This adorable, multicoloured, rechargeable dinosaur nightlight can help your little one sleep through the night. A simple tap on Tommy’s head will instantly light up his colourful glow. This portable nightlight will accompany you anywhere you go with your child, so you can enjoy Tommy’s soothing glow every night! Ages 0+ $19.99 CDN available at Canadian Tire,, indigo Books

Mizzie the Kangaroo — award-winning Australian children’s toy brand since 2015, Mizzie the Kangaroo hops into Canada dedicated to helping children grow and develop. Mizzie the Kangaroo provides natural teething and educational toys, a simple and natural product that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and serves a purpose. Its mission is to help not only children but the environment, the community, and the future of all children around the world. Mizzie educational toys include puzzles, interactive books, flash cards and a music box. Ages 0+ $20-$100 available at Toys R Us and

Parenting and caregiving can quickly become overwhelming for new parents. Nanit’s award-winning line of parenting products are designed to make parenting easier for you or a loved one. Besides tracking sleep and breathing, Nanit Pro also enables parents to get personalized sleep guidance for their baby. As Nanit provides both a secure and complete view of your baby, it is so much more than just a baby monitor. Additional features include: A breathing band (0-3) and a two-way audio for instant communication. Tracks your child’s growth and captures memories and milestones. Ages 0-3 $399-$499 available at Amazon, Best Buy, Babylist, West Coast Kids, Snuggle Bugz, Buy Buy Baby and