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Get Ready for Summer with Cuisipro

Get Ready for Summer with Cuisipro

Donvier Ice Cream Maker

Using the Cuisipro Donvier Ice Cream Maker, you can make homemade ice cream quickly and easily. Chillfast’s unique non-electric design uses no salt, ice, or electricity to make ice cream – simply freeze the cylinder overnight, add your favourite ingredients, and turn the handle! Featuring double-walled insulation, the Chillfast cylinder and freezer cylinder holder ensure your frozen treats stay cold. You can make enough ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, or frozen drinks for the entire family with the 1 quart/1 L capacity. Easy to use and easy to clean, the Donvier Ice Cream Maker is a must-have for any ice cream lover. $99.99


Snap-Fit Pop Mold Sets

Who said you couldn’t please everyone? Not so, with Cuisipro’s Snap-Fit Pop Molds, which enable you to create multi-flavoured, customizable ice pops in no time. Easily snap together these molds to create up to six pop molds at a time, allowing the whole family to enjoy these delicious treats. The reusable sticks and protective drip guards allow you to enjoy your homemade, healthy treats without the mess. Whether you’re looking for a sweet snack after a day at the pool or a refreshing dessert after a family barbecue, Cuisipro’s Snap-Fit Pop Molds are sure to hit the spot!
$19.99 for a set of 6 in circle or square.


Mini Ice Cream sandwich makers

Would you like to create delicious and fun treats for your family that don’t require much effort? You won’t be disappointed with the Cuisipro Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker! You don’t need any special baking skills or experience to look like a pro. This easy-to-use gadget requires no special skills or baking experience – simply add your favourite ingredients, cut, and scoop, and enjoy! The Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Maker features a BPA-free design and dishwasher-safe construction for creating new and exciting treats every time. $19.99


Ice Cream Scoop and Stack

It’s a fun way to serve ice cream or anything else that stacks. Using the Cuisipro Scoop and Stack, you can make colourful and creative cylinder blocks of ice cream, mashed potatoes, cakes, stacked on cones or decorated with waffle cups, crackers, etc. Twist-and-lift action and push button to release, ergonomic scooper effortlessly cuts through the hardest ice cream. $29.99


Cuisipro Pop Up Molds

This Retro Popsicle Mold is perfect for creating refreshing and delicious treats for the whole family to enjoy. Featuring a nostalgic design, these are the perfect summer party or backyard BBQ addition. With Cuisipro Retro Popsicle Molds, you can create delicious frozen treats that everyone will enjoy. Set of 6 pop molds and base with stainless steel tray. Dishwasher safe on top rack. $29.99

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