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February | Under the Covers

February | Under the Covers

Where’s Waldo – The Ultimate Waldo Watcher Collection
By Martin Handford
Classic fun featuring the best-selling Waldo adventures. You’ll spend hours hunting for it with this slipcase. It includes seven classic puzzles, each with new games and searches, as well as a redesigned, updated look.
Age – 5-9 Published by Candlewick Press, Pages: 7-book collection Price, $49.99 CDN

The Gumboot Kids Nature Mystery series
#7 – The Case of the Shrinking Friend
#8 – The Case of the Hanging Food Catcher
By Eric Hogan & Tara Hungerford
The mice are at it again with more mysteries to solve. Book #7: On a winter hike, Scout and Daisy notice the snowman she built the day before is smaller. Why? Scout and Daisy set out to search for clues. Book #8: The duo are preparing pumpkin pie when Scout points out a food catcher hanging on the gate to his garden. What does a food catcher do? Follow their journey to find answers. Age 4-7, Published by Firefly Books, Pages: 32, Price $19.95 CDN

How to Make Friends with a Ghost
By Rebecca Green
The story takes place in an after-school program based on the book “How to Make Friends with a Ghost.” Through her program, Ms. B helps children and creatures make friends with their fears, fears kids encounter in their daily lives. Kids will benefit from the tools provided in “How to Make Friends with a Ghost” by exploring those feelings and using the available tools.
Ages 5-9 Published by Tundra Books, Pages: 48
Price $21.99 CDN

The Child is the Teacher
– A Life of Maria Montessori
By Cristina De Stefano
This authorized biography looks at Maria Montessori’s unpublished diaries and letters. At a time when women were expected to be wives and mothers rather than pursue careers, she followed her own path, studying medicine and refusing to marry. The biggest struggle was deciding whether to have a child out of wedlock and keep her job at the hospital. In response to her childhood learning disabilities, she felt inspired to combine her healthcare background and drive for social change. Montessori quickly became well-known all over Europe and the U.S. by the 1910s. Age – Teen-Adult Published by Other Press, Pages: 368 Price $36.99 CDN

Mizzie the Kangaroo
By Sandra Ebbott
Bella-Boo’s best friend Mizzie likes to help her keep active, both indoors and outdoors, by participating in a variety of gender-neutral sporting activities. Thick board pages, specially made for little hands with touch and feel components, lead babies and toddlers into a new world of interacting with books and having fun. Ages: 0-3 Publisher: Skebbsys Toy Box Pty Ltd. Pages: 10 Price: $15.95 CDN available online and Toys R Us

A Hui Hou: Until We Meet Again
By Isabel, Hudson, & Adeline Bugge,
with Ashley Bugge
Written by children for children, “Until We Meet Again” is a book that tells the story of the impact of loss and the grief that follows. Isabel, Hudson, and Adeline lose their father in a terrible diving accident. His death has now forced them to accept that they will miss him forever, and they must learn to live without him. This is a helpful book explained by children for children who are suffering a loss of a loved one. A perfect assistant to share and open a discussion most of us are never prepared for. Age All Published by Brown Books Publishing Group, Pages: 32 Price: $22.41 CDN available on