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February Bookshelf

The Return of Thelma The Unicorn
By Aaron Blabey

The Return of Thelma The Unicorn by Aaron Blabey is the sequel to Thelma the Unicorn. Blabey’s use of pictures and rhymes makes reading the story all that more enjoyable. Thelma and Otis are adorable, and they teach us the values of friendship, identity and sacrifice. They are both heroes in their way, and that is always a great lesson for anyone. Ages 3 to 5 – Scholastic Press – $14.99 US

Watch It Grow
By Barbara Reid

Watch It Grow by Barbara Reid introduces some familiar Canadian plants and animals and the changes they undergo. These include the life cycles of the Monarch butterfly, sunflower and the white oak tree. Enjoyable to read for any curious reader and to inspire them as they continue to make observations and ask questions about the great big world. Ages 4 to 8 – Publisher Scholastic Canada – Hardcover $16.99

Meet Willie O’Ree
By Elizabeth MacLeod, illustrator Mike Deas

Willie O’Ree made history as the first black player in the NHL. To this day, he serves as the NHL’s director of Youth Development and is an ambassador for NHL Diversity. Meet Willie O’Ree by Elizabeth MacLeod and illustrated by Mike Deas brings together lively storytelling of a man who confronts racism and disability, and how he persevered through it all. A great way to introduce children to larger societal issues. Ages 4 to 8 – Publisher Scholastic Canada – Hardcover $16.99


Be You
By Peter H. Reynolds

Be You by Peter H. Reynolds is a beautifully illustrated story in celebration of individuality. Reynolds asks readers to embrace all that life has to offer and then to make it your own. It is both encouraging and supportive for readers Ages 4 to 8 – Publisher Scholastic Canada – Hardcover $17.99 US


Scratch 3 Games for Kids
By Max Wainewright

Scratch 3 Games for Kids by Max Wainewright teaches readers how to make fun games using a beginner-friendly programming language from MIT Media Lab. Filled with colourful and easy-to-follow instructions, users will find all the creative ways to use Scratch 3. Design your character’s appearance, how it moves, and the challenges it will overcome. Ages 8+ – Published by No Starch Press – $25.95 CDN

I Survived
By Lauren Tarhis

The I Survived graphic novels combine the best parts of history and storytelling. Author Lauren Tarhis provides us with an historical fiction of the Sinking of the Titanic, 1912. We follow George Calder, a 10-year-old who has a thing for exploration, and now he must find a way to save his little sister Phoebe and Aunt Daisy from the unsinkable ship. Ages 8 to 12 – Published by Scholastic – Hardcover $24.99 US

Dragon Assassin
By Arthur Slade

Twin Fury is the first novel in Arthur Slade’s Dragon Assassin series. Though it may be short on pages, it is rich in story and adventure. The main protagonist Carmen wants nothing more than to graduate from Assassin School, but Carmen’s life is about to change forever since the prince was assassinated. Ages 10 to14 –Published by Scholastic – $14.99

Micro: Bit for Mad Scientists
By Simon Monk

Micro: Bit for Mad Scientists by Simon Monk provides 30 clever coding and electronic projects for kids. Each chapter tackles projects on topics such as light, sound and movement. These projects revolve around using the BBC mirco:bit that is designed to provide an easy way to teach kids programming. Some of those projects include a working lie detector, light-controlled guitar, and a talking robot.  Ages 10+ – Published by No Starch Press – $33.95 CDN


Learn to Program with APP Inventor
By Lyra Logan

Learn to Program with App Inventor by Lyra Logan was written to demystify coding and introduce readers to its core fundamentals. Readers will learn how to code using App Inventor – a free online visual programming environment that is maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. One great feature that makes programing digestible is the drag-and-drop interface that will minimize errors and keep projects at a comfortable length. Some interesting apps include creating a map to find a friend and taking a selfie to try on some virtual sunglasses. Ages 11+ – Published by No Starch Press – $33.95 CDN

Raspberry PI Projects for Kids
By Dan Aldred

Raspberry PI Projects for Kids by Dan Aldred takes the powerful yet inexpensive computer and turns it into 12 engaging and creative projects. Like a recipe book, you can follow along the path that is laid out for young experimenters or combine elements and skills from all the chapters to create something unique. Some projects include hacking Minecraft, taking over radio waves, and taking control over the electronics in your home. Ages 11+ – Published by No Starch Press – $33.95 CDN