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August – What’s under the covers this month


August – What’s under the covers this month

Cover The Perfect 100 Day Project

The Perfect 100 Day Project How to Choose, Make and Finish Your Creative Project

By Rich Armstrong

Everyone has a creative side! A fun activity does not require you to be an artist. People choose to practice a creative pursuit every day for 100 days as part of the 100 Day Project, a phenomenon sweeping the globe. Participants can share their results online with the rest of the #100dayproject community. Whether you are struggling or deciding, you will find inspiration and support.
Ages Adult. Published by: Rocky Nook. Pages 176. Price $31.00 CAD

Cover Harry Potter Baking Book

The Official Harry Potter Baking Book

By Joanna Farrow

Harry Potter’s only official cookbook inspired by the films! With over 40 recipes and stunning photography, you will find yourself chowing down delicious treats from Pumpkin Patch Pies to Owl Muffins and Luna’s Spectrespecs Cookies to Hogwarts Gingerbread. Includes recipes, nutritional and dietary information. A great baking cookbook that includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes for everyone to enjoy!
Ages 10-12. Published by: Scholastic Inc. Pages 128. Price $26.99 CAD

Cover the Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers

By Dena Seiferling

A baby bumblebee arrives deep within a magical meadow to warm the hearts of some lonely flowers. The flowers name her Beatrice. They care for her and help her find her wings and teach her the language of flowers. The flowers bloom with each sweet word until the meadow grows so large, Beatrice needs help delivering her messages, so she decides to go in search of her own kind. A gently fanciful tale of the miracle of pollination and the important relationship between flowers and bees. Ages 4-8. Published by: Tundra. Pages 56. Price $24.99 CAD HC

Cover Black Boy Black Boy


Black Boy, Black Boy

By Ali Kamanda and Jorge Redmond, and Illustrated by Ken Daley

Black history’s most inspirational and powerful anthem! Among the inspiring men in Black history, there are athletes and activists Colin Kaepernick and Fela Kuti as well as explorer Matthew Henson and writer Chinua Achebe. By drawing on the strength of people throughout history who paved the way for Black boys, this lyrical, rhythmic text encourages Black boys to imagine all they can be. It conveys a message to Black boys of today to have courage and that they are the light.
Ages 4+. Published by: Sourcebooks. Pages 40. Price $25.99 CAD

Cover Posing Playbook for Photography

The Posing Playbook for Photographing Kids

By Tamara Lackey

How would you like to take great pictures of your kids? In Lackey’s book, she will teach you her strategies and techniques for taking creative, engaging, and expressive images – including how to capture the authentic and unique personality of your child. Lackey will not only teach you posing strategies, but she also discusses gear, accessories, composition, lighting, and camera settings. By the time you finish this book, you will know how to take photos in a studio, urban setting, commercial/fashion shoots, natural and in group settings.
Ages All. Published by: Rocky Nook. Pages 272. Price $53.95 CAD


A Day for Sandcastles

By JonArno Lawson and Illustrated by Qin Leng

Without a word, the author of Over the Shop conjures a perfect summer beach day and the themes of creativity, cooperation, flexibility, and persistence. It’s a day of fun and frolic for a busload of beachgoers. Three siblings begin work on a castle, patting and shaping the sand. Throughout their progress, they are impeded: a windswept hat topples their creation, a toddler ambles through it, and the tide creeps close, then too close. Rebuilding each demolition with fresh determination, the builders exceed their own expectations until the time comes to return home. Ages 4-8. Published by: Candlewick. Pages 48. Price $23.99 CAD HC