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Seven ways to combat morning sickness

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Seven ways to combat morning sickness


By Meagan Ruffing

Any pregnant woman knows that the first three months of her pregnancy can be hands-down nauseating. That stale, sick, around-the-clock feeling can leave us feeling worn down and just plain old blah. When saltines and Ginger Ale can’t kick the sickness – try these must-know pregnancy-relieving tricks.

  1. First thing in the morning, before you even think about getting your other kids from their beds or heading out the door for work, slowly sit up with your feet together on the ground and take a deep breath. Try and focus on taking it slow.
  2. Before you head out the door or get in the shower, grab a banana. This potassium-rich food can curb the morning nausea – at least for the first half hour.
  3. Buy yourself a nice cup – a double-insulated one that won’t sweat and has a smoothie-sized straw. Fill it up with ice and water and add a few slices of fresh lemon. Always keep it within reach. Staying hydrated throughout the day (even when you don’t feel like drinking water) will help you feel so much better.
  4. If you’re already a stay-at-home mom (SAHM), get your kids situated with their breakfast and take a seat. Make a short list of things that you must get done that day. Remember, keep it short. If you end up fitting more into your day, great, but take it easy.
  5. Keep lots of little snacks around the house or at your work desk to take the edge off when you start to feel queasy. Better yet, get in the habit of eating at least six, small meals a day to help with digestion and heartburn.
  6. If morning time is when you feel the worst, do something calming with your children such as playing blocks in their room with them or reading a book. Save the cleaning and phone calls for later on in the day when you have a bit more energy. On the other hand, if mornings are better for you then take a shower and get yourself going for the day. Look forward to that afternoon nap and get done what you need to get done before the nausea starts to kick in.
  7. Last but not least, rest. Take a few minutes at work to just be calm. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and focus on how you are feeling. At home, plan on taking a nap when your children nap. If that’s not an option, try and take a few breaks throughout the day where you can ns literally put your feet up. Pregnant women tend to get shortness of breath and it helps to stop what you’re doing and slow things down. A nice way to keep things going in the home but still take it easy is to do something simple like folding the laundry. Grab your water. Grab the basket of laundry. Head to your kid’s room. Turn the music on. Fold. Dance. Listen to your kids’ laugh. Repeat.


Meagan Ruffing is a stay-at-home mom to Dylan and Hannah. She is expecting her third child this fall and keeps herself busy with freelance writing and testing out new ways to keep the pregnancy nausea away.