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The Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System Adds an Extra Layer of Safety to Your Pool

The Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System Adds an Extra Layer of Safety to Your Pool

Drowning is the most common injury and death-related accident in this country. On average, over 400 people drown every year. Most drowning victims are youth. Children between the ages of 1 to 4 years old are at the highest risk of drowning and children between the ages of 5 to 9 years old are the second highest risk. In most child drowning cases, at least one adult is present at the time.

While drownings can happen anytime throughout the year and in any body of water, including bathtubs, it occurs most frequently during May to September. Almost two-thirds of these accidents happen during recreational activities.

Drowning accidents happen quickly. For youth and adults, it can take less than 60 seconds to drown while children can drown in as little as 20 seconds.

When someone is drowning, they don’t splash around or make a lot of noise. Instead, they are usually silent and appear to be struggling to keep their head above water. A drowning person will often have difficulty moving or treading water. Toddlers in particular don’t make any noises or show any signs of distress when they are drowning. They can slip underwater and sink to the bottom of a pool or waterbed quickly.

Prevention is key to reducing the risk of drowning accidents, especially with children. The best approach to water safety, especially with children, is a multi-layered approach that incorporates several preventative measures and safety tools. These include:

• Wearing life jackets or floatation devices when in and around water.
• Supervising children and always keeping them within arm’s length in and around water.
• Using safety locks, gates, pool covers and other measures to restrict unsupervised access to pools and other bodies of water.
• Learn to swim by enrolling your family in swimming lessons.
• Taking a First Aid/CPR course so you know what to do in the event of a drowning accident.
• Using a Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System device.

The Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System is the first and only AI powered anti-drowning system on the market. It’s like having a virtual lifeguard at your pool at all times. The MYLO Smart Pool’s advanced technology uses underwater cameras to continually monitor pool activity and provide real time alerts of a potential drowning through an app on your phone or handheld device.

The Coral Smart Pool’s monitoring system is designed to detect all activity and movement in a pool. The monitoring technology of the MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System:

• Detects water activity can pick up movement in the pool including:
– When someone enters the water.
– Abnormal movements that indicate distress and drowning.
– Silent drowning.

• Calculates drowning risks.
• Escalated alarm system.
• Real-time analysis alerts.
• Above and below water views.
• In-pool visibility status.

Its AI technology is so sophisticated, it can easily detect normal pool movements versus abnormal movements or drowning incidents.

The Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System is designed for residential pool usage. The first of its kind, this virtual monitoring system can be used with any above and in-ground pool size by simply adding more cameras to bigger pools.
This lifesaving device is not meant to replace human supervision or other safety and preventative measures, it’s designed to add another layer of safety to your water fun. Because drownings can happen so quickly, this state-of-the-art digital monitoring system provides an extra set of virtual eyes to your pool.

The Coral Smart Pool’s MYLO Smart Pool Monitoring System retails for $1,499 and is available on the company’s website at