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Let it Grow

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Let it Grow

Early this Spring my family spent a few several days planning out what were going to plant and grow in our garden this year. This task is always very exciting because it means we will be heading to the Cottage soon.


Well that was back in early April, do you think maybe we planned a little too soon? Cause I don't know about anybody else, but the weather has been so off that we have been living with  shelves , pots and cups of plants in our dining room for the last few months..

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sun Flowers, Hot Peppers, Beets, Herbs anything and everything you can think of. Squeak is always insisting on planting a new seed- Grape Fruit, Apples ect..


Every day we take the plants  outside for a little sunlight, and then we have to bring them all back in because of frost warnings or that the sun is too strong and burning them. I really don't know how farmers do it? I think we need a green house! It is so embarrassing when we are entertaining and people walk into our house and are surrounded by an abundance of plants, they have nowhere to turn or sit. The look on their faces is priceless!


We are so afraid that they are going to die if we plant them in the garden because they haven't had too much time outside and that would mean that all the months that we spent looking after these plants would have been a waste. This weekend will be the test as they make their journey to the Cottage and planted in our big garden. Cross your fingers for us!


Planting a garden is very rewarding for both parents and children.  Children become aware of where their food comes from, they much prefer to eat what they grow (and it is healthy too). So get your hands dirty with soil and have fun.

Tips on planting with children


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Shari Nelson is an advertising sales rep at City Parent and a contributor to the magazine's social media, including Facebook and Twitter. She has a background in Early Child Care Education, a 3-year-old daughter, a 7-year-old dog, a fish and a hamster. She aspires to own chickens and goat – maybe a farm one day, a dream she shares with her amazing and talented husband.