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As a parent do you ever just feel like this?


As a parent do you ever just feel like this?

Just one big Mumsy Mess! Yes folks sometimes I feel like I am hamster spinning my wheel. Cooking, cleaning, driving, work, birthday presents, special days, events, cottage, cleaning the cottage, cooking at the cottage, looking for my kid who has disappeared because I am cooking and cleaning at the cottage.. ect. How does one keep up?

Why do we feel it is so important to get these tasks finished? I just wish that there was some magic, sparkle, fairy dust that gives me super parent, wife and cleaning powers to get everything done, so that all I had left to do was spend time with my Squeak. I am a working mom and sometimes find it hard at the end of a working day to connect, because all of these “important tasks” that seem to be getting in the way of my time with my Squeak.   Sometimes I wish we could spend all the day at the park, or back yard, at the water looking for crayfish or just reading in bed. Don’t get me wrong, we do, I just wish it was way more often than what I do now. I feel guilty at the end of the day when it is bed time and we are reading books I think to myself-Did I spend enough time with my child today? And then I feel the guilt, well I could have spent a little more time talking, cuddling, singing, running etc.

I think I just need to learn not to feel guilty and  to let the “important tasks” go and just enjoy the moment. Who cares if I don’t have clean underwear the next day for work, who cares if I didn’t source out the healthiest meal for dinner including all 4 food groups, or run two miles, or checked my work emails 6 times after working all day, or didn’t pay that bill on time, or clean the dog hair that is floating all over the house! Because after all it will be there tomorrow. But today, going to the park, and learning to ride a bike, pushing my Squeak on the swing is just much more appealing than any of those other tasks, that I think are important.

What do you think? Isn’t the time we spend with our children so much more worth it, than any of those silly tasks that we feel is so important.