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Up Front – ‘Tis the season for subscription boxes

Up Front – ‘Tis the season for subscription boxes

As the holiday season approaches and the lingering effects of COVID force us to maintain the safety of our homes, we face the difficult task of finding fun and yet productive ways for kids to spend the holidays besides playing on electronics and watching endless hours of television. Here’s a unique way to keep them entertained. Check out these fascinating subscription boxes. These activities will keep them interested, teach them skills, and make them wiser. You can choose from a variety of designs, and they also make great gifts. Here are some of my favourites.

Owl Crate Jr. – The award-winning subscription service Owl Crate Jr. is perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy. It includes a brand-new novel, an exclusive letter from the author, and so much more! The monthly subscription box is filled with themed activities, games, and fabulous goodies that revolve around the month’s theme. Ages 8-12 $29.99 US

Eat2explore – World Holiday Treats: Part II is a fun, limited-edition holiday treat box featuring popular holiday recipes and ingredients from Turkey, Sweden, and Colombia. Included in each box are a shopping list and recipes. With the encompassing ingredients, you can bake whenever you want. The boxes do not contain any perishables. If you’re not a fan of dessert, eat2explore also offers gourmet boxes from 19 countries and regions, including Italy, Mexico, Greece, etc. Through cooking, kids can cultivate respect and learn to appreciate differences and similarities among people. All Ages Prices vary $$ US and available on Amazon.

Little Global Citizens – Teach your children about the cultures and countries around the world. Little Global Citizens subscription service can be used as part of a complete educational program in a specific country. Or as a component of a more comprehensive educational program for older children. With Little Global Citizens, your child can enjoy a fun, engaging activity and learn about a foreign country all from the comfort of their home.Ages 4-10 $39.95 & Up US

Girls Can! Crate – Get familiar with historical women who have shaped the world throughout history. Every month highlights women role models such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frida Kahlo, Malala Yousafzai, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, and more. Each month features a 28-page activity book of an influential female figure, fun activities, two hands-on STEAM challenges with necessary supplies, a collectible button, and much more! Ages 5-10 $34.95 & Up US Available at

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Editor-In-Chief, City Parent