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True friends

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True friends


Friendships are bonds that we form right from an early age. Friends shape us into who we become. Without friends we can feel lost. Friends are the foundation to building strong relationships. Some friends will come and go and others will be around through the test of time.

As a mom sometimes I can get lost and feel isolated and lonely. It can be hard to make new friends. However there are some great ways now for moms to make friends such as mommy groups, parent and tot programs and even online parent forums.  
I found this GOOP post on Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog titled friendship divorce. It sparked some interest as I have been pondering the topic in my head the last couple of months. One of my family members had made a comment about how I need some girlfriends “to do stuff with”, during the week.  He is right, I probably do need some girlfriends, maybe even mom friends to hang out with, but I just don’t seem to have the interest. It is work to have friends. I wish that friendships could come easier when you’re my age.
Then I started to think back to all my past friendships and what they meant to me at the time. According to the “Friendship Divorce” article, “Old friends” and “true friends” are not necessarily identical. “Old friends have stood the test of time; true friends are timeless.” – It is a marvelous quote.

I have “old friends” but I have about four “true friends”. They are the keeper of my secrets, a shoulder to cry on, a good giggle , and no matter how much time has gone by, I know we  can  pick up from where we left off like no time has elapsed. These friendships don’t make me feel drained or tense. It is not awkward, or uncomfortable. It is easy and I know deep down in my heart, I love them unconditionally. That is what a “true friendship” is to me.  

When I was a kid I had A LOT of friends, I was just one of those kids that was very social. But I can remember my dad saying, “all of these friends that you have now, will probably not be in your life when you get older, your true friends, you will be able to count one hand.”

He was right. I guess to answer my family member’s statement, I am happy with the friends that I have. I don’t need to go out and search for friendships because I am fulfilled with who I have in my life.
So if you are missing some of your “true friends” because life is busy, send them this link with a little message.<>