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Summer Safety

Summer Safety


In the last stretch of the school year, we see ourselves getting excited and preparing for the summer break and the hot weather. It is vitally important to teach our kids to stay safe while having fun. Pool openings, camps, sports, and other outdoor activities are all great things to look forward to, but can cause harm if not done safely. Hospitals see thousands of injuries each summer of children between the ages of 5 to 14.

Start by preparing them to remember their sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburns which could ruin their plans for the following day. Always ensure they leave with water bottles to keep hydrated, especially on hot days and after strenuous activities, like riding their bikes or skateboarding. Speaking of bikes and skateboards, head injuries are the leading cause of an emergency trip to the hospital. It is imperative that they always wear their helmets and other safety gear. Take necessary precautions while riding bikes and sharing the road with vehicles – find local bike paths and trails where available in your town or city.

Buzz! Insect repellent is a must as well. Many illnesses are transmitted by ticks such as Lyme disease and mosquitoes, including Zika virus and West Nile virus.

Under no circumstances should you leave any child unattended in a pool. Children should always have an adult present, even if the child knows how to swim. The younger the child, the greater the risk, and it takes only a few seconds for an accident to happen – and in some instances, fatalities.

May, July, and August have holidays we like to celebrate with fireworks. If you buy your own, make sure children are seated at a fair distance away from the actual lighting of the explosive. Always have an adult – not a teenager – practice this part of the event. To be extra safe, it’s best to go to a local park where the city or town has enforced safety precautions to assure everyone’s safety. Let’s not forget sparklers, one of the most entertaining things kids love to have fun with. Before lighting them, please remind your children to stay far away from any other child due to the harm it can cause.

Keep safe this summer with these tips! Try to enjoy yourself in high stress moments, remember Que Será, Será, whatever will be, will be!