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Knowing what you know you know

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Knowing what you know you know

By Jane Muller

Goal setting and self-improvement are popular New Year themes. Resolutions often backfire and instead of motivating us, they emphasize yet another failure.

Instead of thinking about all that we need to do, why not think about what we have already accomplished and what we have learned over the years. While working toward creating a better you should be part of life’s journey, embracing “good enough” isn’t a bad idea.

Give yourself credit for the skills that you have and the knowledge you possess. As we develop certain skills and utilize various talents, we can lose sight of just how much we know. It’s true that you don’t know what you don’t know but it’s also true that you don’t know what you do know.

You’ve had those “I did not know that” experiences – the ones where you learned something, picked up a tip or solved one of life’s little problems. But often it’s you who is providing that tidbit of knowledge. You’ve made a statement or shared something that you assumed was common knowledge and then realized that the other person did not know. Everyone doesn’t know how to do things that have become second nature to you. Or you assume that everyone “read the memo” when it comes to household hacks and other mundane yet useful things.

Our readers, especially those on their second or more child, might already know some of what is presented in these pages. After nearly a quarter of a century as the editor of City Parent, there is still so much to learn and so many new ideas to explore and advice to weigh.

This month’s Junior section features tips for getting a child with ADHD ready for school. Any child could benefit from the suggested “energy break”. The writer recommends using a 10-minute activity like dancing or playing with the dog as a reward for appropriate behaviour. Never thought of working that into the morning routine although I do take dance breaks when a good song comes on the radio.

Inspiration for a child’s birthday party can be found with a quick Internet search but why bother when an entire Winter Wonderland party is all tied up in a neat little package in the Toddler section. You’ll find creative ideas for all ages from games to food to décor. I want to be invited to one of these winter-themed celebrations.

There have been hundreds of products reviewed during my tenure at City Parent, some are updated versions of the same items; however there are always brand new toys, gadgets, personal care products, foods, books and more that we share with our readers. Check out Cool Stuff and Mom Stuff in this issue and you’ll see the latest offerings.

You’ll never know what you don’t know if you don’t read on.