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Roll on Baby

Roll on Baby

Strollers can be one of the most exciting purchases for your new baby, as well as being very overwhelming. There is an enormous selection of strollers with many different features and it’s sometimes hard to know which is best for you. The answer to this is Lifestyle!  What will you be using your stroller for, where will you use it and how often will you use it?

Strollers allow you to get out of the house for a walk on a beautiful day, or take some time to shop at some of your favourite stores. The stroller you choose needs to make these excursions simple.

Quick points to remember when choosing a stroller:

  1. Car Seat – Choose your stroller first and then your car seat. The majority of strollers will hold a car seat.
  2. Weight and Folding – Make sure your stroller isn’t too heavy and that you are able to fit it into your vehicle.
  3. Wheels – Larger wheels mean you will be able to take your stroller on a variety of surfaces with a lot more ease such as snow, sand and gravel.
  4. Bassinet – Many strollers now have the option of a Bassinet that can be used both with the stroller and in the house.
  5. Handle Positioning – As an added bonus look for a stroller where the handle can move from side to side making it easier to keep the sun or wind out of your baby’s eyes.

Remember it’s all about ease and comfort, decide on the lifestyle you want and choose the stroller that matches.

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