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Keep cool this summer with Ninja and Shark!

Keep cool this summer with Ninja and Shark!

Ninja Thirsti Drink System
Your customizable beverage solution. Choose from 20+ flavours, three fizz levels, and four drink sizes for your perfect refreshment. Mix and match flavours, and enjoy function-forward options like Splash, Vitamins, Hydrate, and Energy, all with zero calories and sugar. $249.99

The Ninja Woodfire ProConnect XL Outdoor Grill & Smoker
The Ninja Woodfire™ Pro Connect XL Electric BBQ offers an impressive array of cooking functions, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen or outdoor cooking space. Plus, the grill’s durable construction means you can enjoy outdoor cooking year-round, regardless of the weather. $399.99

Ninja™ CREAMi™
The Ninja™ CREAMi™ swiftly turns frozen bases into creamy delights like ice cream, sorbets, and milkshakes with a single touch. Its Creamify™ tech guarantees a velvety texture in minutes. Craft personalized treats, from low sugar to vegan options. Create unique flavours and textures at home. Easily make treats in three steps: prep, freeze, and enjoy, with an option to adjust texture post-processing.$249.99

Shark FlexBreeze
The Shark FlexBreeze Fan with InstaCool misting attachment offers versatile cooling solutions for indoor and outdoor use. With both corded and cordless options, it transitions easily between pedestal and tabletop modes. Its powerful airflow and misting attachment provides instant relief from the heat, while rain and UV resistance ensure durability. With a 20-hour runtime on a single charge and BreezeBoost™ mode for extended reach, it’s a convenient and effective way to stay cool anywhere. $249.99

Ninja FrostVault
Ensure your beverages and snacks stay refreshingly chilled with this cooler. Featuring top-notch ice retention and a refrigerator-like dry storage area, it’s ideal for conquering any outdoor escapade with assurance. Utilizing FrostVault™ technology, it seamlessly transfers cold into the Dry Zone, maintaining food’s coolness, dryness, and isolation at safe temperatures (below 4.4°C) for extended periods. Available in a 30-quart for $199.99 or 50-quart $249.99