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Entrepreneurship – the new dating game!

Entrepreneurship – the new dating game!

Well, that’s exactly what it feels like! I had a steady job for over 10 years, comfortably enjoying the corporate world and living worry free. Just like my marriage, I felt secure, loved and at ease, for the most part. But since I started my own business, I feel just like I did 16 years ago – anxiously looking for someone to like me!

To prove my point I’ve come up with a few nuggets that will help you see what I mean:

  • You think a club is a meat market? Try attending networking events!
  • No picture on your profile? OMG – you must be ugly.
  • How many connections you said you had? Under 500?… looser!
  • How bad was it when only 3 people showed up to your party? Well, try that number for your first free webinar.
  • Speed networking. Need I say more?
  • When you meet someone, who pays for coffee? I guess it depends if it’s your first or second meeting.
  • After how many emails do you call someone?
  • How many times do you re-write an email before you send it? -Just like a love letter (or a break up letter).
  • Even the marketing lingo is flirtatious: ‘sell yourself,’ ‘warm and cold network,’ ‘tweet that,’  ‘like me,’ ‘share your profile,’… sometimes I get turned on simply by reading an article on

Yup, just like when dating, entrepreneurs need to stand out to attract the right ‘mates’. This is why I’ve decided to use this ad, building on the dating analogy:

Attractive, smart, passionate, committed, adventurous, fun, flexible, approachable and sensible – LIFE AND CAREER COACH.  Looking for an open-minded, motivated, risk taker, go getter, yet at times hesitant, with low confidence, lacking control and direction -PERSON – who wants to live life to the fullest, happily ever after. If you want to get to know me better check me out @, write to me, follow me on Twitter @coachshiri, like me on Facebook Coach Shiri or, if you’re into the old fashion way, call me @ 416.826.2240 to set up a date to meet.

Join me every week as I explore, learn, share and have fun balancing my life as a wife and a mother of 4, who’s embarking on a new journey to grow my Coaching business.

Life, the Coach Shiri way – Shiri Gabriel, Career Consultant and Life Coach