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Let children help choose charities

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Let children help choose charities

When it comes to charity, everyone involved benefits. From those on the receiving end to those doing the giving, charity pays dividends for all concerned.

Parents can even reap greater rewards when involving children in charity. To get kids into giving, consider the following tips.

  • Start kids young. It’s never too early to involve children in charity. Instilling a charitable nature in kids can start as soon as parents see fit, and will encourage kids to make charity a lifelong pursuit. To get kids started, bring them along on your own charitable pursuits, such as to the local soup kitchen on a weekend morning, or involve them in other charitable activities such as a coat or food drive.
  • Involve everyone. Parents are well aware that kids emulate adults’ behavior. Younger children also tend to look up to their older siblings. So both Mom and Dad should make sure charitable efforts are a family affair, with both parents and older siblings all getting involved.
  • Keep a donation jar around the house. Another way to get kids excited about charity is to keep a daily donation jar around the house. Kids will get excited as they see that jar slowly fill up with loose change or spare dollar bills.
  • Let kids make some decisions. Kids will likely be more enthusiastic about charity work when they’re working with a charity of their own choosing. For example, many children are very fond of animals. That said, they might be more enthusiastic about working with the local kennel than they would a soup kitchen. Let kids choose their own charities and encourage them to actively and continually participate.
  • See if the child’s school wants to get involved. Another way to get kids into charity is to involve their friends. Since most kids’ friends are classmates, inquire with your child’s teacher or principal about getting the class involved in a particular charity or activity. (MS)