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Top 5 Questions About Lice Answered

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Top 5 Questions About Lice Answered

Hey Parents, school’s out and summer’s here – time to catch some rays, make a splash, and enjoy the great outdoors. But not so fast moms and dads…just because the kids are on vacation, doesn’t mean headlice is too!

Many parents are baffled how their kid got it – from the dog? Did it jump from another kid’s head? Here are top five most common questions about headlice answered:

Q: Can headlice hop, jump, or fly?

A: No, headlice crawl, so your head must come in direct contact with someone who has a lice outbreak in order to contract it.

Q: If I’m not itchy I can’t have headlice right?

A: No, you can still have headlice even if your head isn’t itchy. Some people are more sensitive to bites than others.

Q: Can headlice swim?

A: Absolutely! In fact, headlice can hold their breath for up to 8 hours. If someone with headlice swims in the same body of water as you, you could get it too!

Q: Can our pets get headlice?

A: No, our four-legged friends are exempt as headlice need human blood to survive.

Q: Can my house become infested with headlice?

A: No, headlice can’t survive for more than 48 hours off the human head and nits (the eggs) need warmth, such as the heat provided by a human head, to reach gestation. If lice do come into contact with furniture, bedding, or carpet it’s by accident.

Tips courtesy of Lice Founder Dawn Mucci. Dawn is North America’s leading head lice expert with over 20 years of franchise and industry experience combating head lice and its stigma. She is an entrepreneur and Multi Award winner of Canadian Franchise Association 2018 Gold Awards of Excellence in Franchising.