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Heatstroke prevention tips for parents

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Heatstroke prevention tips for parents

With August upon us and the heat of the summer in full swing,  it’s a good time to reflect on the dangers of heatstroke’s for young children. Since 1998, 721 children have died of heatstroke after being left in a vehicle.

 To help raise awareness on the dangers of heatstroke, Lurie Children’s Hospital created a guide that offers parents heatstroke prevention tips.

 Some of the staggering statistics behind child vehicular heatstroke:

• 19 children have died as a result of vehicular heatstroke this year.

• A child’s body temperature heats up 3-5 times faster than adults.  Parents should use extreme caution when leaving their child in a hot car.

• Cars can get 19 degrees warmer within 10 minutes, despite having a cracked window. Knowing the facts can help prevent heatstroke.