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Commitment issues can make Halloween costumes scary

Commitment issues can make Halloween costumes scary


Do you know what your kids want to be for Halloween yet? Be thankful if they let you know before Thanksgiving.

Those first Halloweens are easy. We choose the adorable costume and turn our toddler into a puffy pumpkin or a cuddly kitten. When the choice is theirs, it’s a prelude to Halloween’s tricking or treating.

You may be tricked into believing your child will remain committed to the hand-me-down cat or Hulk costume until a day or two before Halloween night. Treat your child to the hand-made costume he says will fulfill his dreams and two days before the big night, he reverts to last year’s vampire getup. Been there, made the robot costume.

And while it’s a definite treat to have the costume nailed down well before October 31, buying the actual treats early, is scary. Don’t be enticed by the Halloween marketing machine that screams into stores before the binders and backpacks have been bought. Those cute little chocolate bars and bags of Doritos aren’t going to sell out in September or a week before Halloween. Unless you can hide them away and resist their haunting temptation, buy the treats a day or two ahead of time.

There are lots of tips on the website this month to guide you through this Halloween. Even though it’s only one night, there is much anticipation and preparation in many households.

Check out the event listings and find out what’s happening this Halloween in your area.

As for the big event, will the vampire outfit rise again from the costume box?