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What’s Under The Covers This Month

What’s Under The Covers This Month

Baby Squeaks
By Anne Hunter
A baby mouse has found his voice. One word led to another word until all Baby Mouse did was squeak, squeak, and squeak. Mama Mouse needed a break and sent baby mouse out to play and then it became too quiet, and Mama Mouse went out to look for Baby Mouse and then she found him and guess what happened? Lighthearted and relatable parenting moment. Age 0-3. Publisher – Tundra Books. Pages –40. Price – $21.99 HC


The Surprise
By Zadie Smith & Nick Laird,
Illustrated by Magenta Fox
Introducing Maud, the guinea pig who wears a judo suit without explanation, and not everyone is on board with it. Having been thrown into an unfamiliar situation, Maud finds her place and embraces her individuality by making courageous decisions and meeting interesting people.
Age – 3-7. Publisher – Tundra Book. Pages – 32. Price – $23.99


What Does Little Crocodile Say at the Park
By Eva Montanari
Little Crocodile makes his way to the park with Grandma and Grandpa, experiencing being left out, kindness, and independence, before enjoying his day. . . after a minor meltdown, of course! A crocodile’s day is filled with sly humour, adorable illustrations, and an emotional rollercoaster that parents will recognize from their own experiences.
Age – 2-5. Publisher – Tundra Books. Pages – 40. Price – $21.99CDN HC


The Boy and The Mountain
By Mario Bellini and Marianna Coppo
Seeing the mountain from his house inspires a young artist. Trying to draw the mountain one day, he realizes that his drawing doesn’t look anything like it, so he takes a closer look. With his dog by his side, he hikes with a growing collection of animal companions, drawing what he sees along the way. Upon reaching the mountain, the boy realizes how important perspective and friendship are, which changes the way he views the world.
Age – 3-7. Publisher – Tundra Books. Pages – 40. Price – $24.99 HC


You Are My Favourite Color
By Gillian Sze
Through warm and vivid poetry, a mother celebrates her children’s brown skin. This book empowers as it embraces, and it reminds young readers that they too have shades of colour that only they can recognize and express. Brown skin is portrayed in vivid detail-the brawny bear whose paws know the ground of its home, the sequoia tree that reaches up and touches the sun, the glossy shell of the chestnut-and there are sweeping descriptions of the different shades of brown skin.
Age – 4-8. Publisher – Philomel/imprint Penguin Random House.Pages – 32. Price – $23.99


That’s Not My Name!
By Anoosha Syed
Mirha can’t wait for her first day! She’s excited to learn, play, and meet new people. All day her classmates and even her teacher mispronounces her name. She walks home wondering if she should change her name. She thinks that if she did, she’d then be able to find a monogrammed keychain with her name on it. She could also order a hot chocolate with her name spelt correctly. Her mother helps Mirha see how special her name is, and she returns to school determined to help her classmates pronounce it correctly. Age 3-5. Publisher -Viking Books for Young Readers Pages – 40. Price – $23.99 CDN HC