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Under the Covers | September 2021

Under the Covers | September 2021

Inside Animals
By Barbara Taylor and Margaux Carpentier
What child isn’t curious and or inquisitive? Inside Animals covers body parts found in humans such as the brain, heart, and lungs— and their other unique body parts, which they need to survive and grow in their habitats. Incredible information that most of us never ask!
Ages: 4-8 Publisher: Quarto Publishing Pages – 64 Price: $27.99 CDN


When Plants Took Over the Planet
By Dr. Chris Thorogood
An incredible story that takes you through time from the beginning when plants covered the world. Filled with beautiful illustrations and knowledge, Dr. Chris Thorogood explains key aspects of plants and animals that feed off of them, as well as the development of medicinal usage of plants that doctors use to help patients.
Ages: 7-11 Publisher: Quarto Publishing Pages – 64 Price: $25.95 CDN

You Did WHAT? Secrets, Confessions, and Outrageous Stories from Real Life
By Tova Leigh
Not your regular storylines. Tova Leigh shares with us some shocking confessions that will deliver laughter and moving stories. We all have secrets that remind us that we are all human, and there are times when outrageous things happen. It is a compilation of real stories where people have sent their secrets showing courage, vulnerability, and scandalous incidences. Ages: Adult Publisher: Watkins Publishing Pages – 224 Price: $18.95 CDN

Rescuing Titanic
By Flora Delargy
We know so much and have heard plenty of stories of the grand ship Titanic. Most of us haven’t read about the tiny little ship named the Carpathia, which saved 706 people.
Author Flora Delargy’s grandfather and great grandfather worked in the Belfast Shipyards, where the Titanic was built. In detail, she shares the story of the quiet bravery that occurred in the North Atlantic’s icy waters, known as the Maritimes.
Ages: 7-11 Publisher: Quarto Publishing Pages – 80 Price: $27.99

The Unofficial Hocus Pocus Cookbook
By Bridget Thoreson
Inspired by the classic movie Hocus Pocus Bridget Thoreson gives you spellbinding recipes. Hocus Pocus Cookbook has delicious treats such as delicious Spider Cupcakes. Brews, Burning Rain of Death Punch and yummy appetizers of Dead Man’s Toes. You and the Sanderson Sisters can spend a quiet evening at home filling your bellies or attending a frightful and spooky party. Yum, yum for everyone!
Ages: All Ages Publisher: Ulysses Press Pages – 144 Price: $26.95 CDN

Luna Finds Love Everywhere: Self-Love Book for Kids
By Dr. Shainna
Get to know Luna—a child who likes to play outside, help her family, and learn new things. Luna realizes how much love abounds around her and within herself as she goes through her daily routine. She learns how to be kind, to share, to handle disappointments. The story contains simple prompts and activities that encourage children to apply self-love principles to their own lives. Learning through Luna will be a fantastic experience for kids as they discover the value of loving each other and themselves! Ages: 3-5 Publisher: Ulysses Press Pages – 32 Price: $16.95 CDN HC